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  • September 21, 2018
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Types of Wires for Every Household Need

Electricity is life for us humans. It powers our brain and signaling throughout the body. It powers our phones, laptops, lighting, refrigeration, cars, airplanes, offices, air conditioning, and what not. Our society as we know it will collapse in an instant if electricity was to disappear. Electricity exists by itself in nature but it is the wire and its manipulation in various forms that we are able to successfully carry and transport it to great distances and to small electric devices. Wires are the conductors that enable transportation of this electricity.

Wires are running all around us, be it home, office, or car. There are hundreds of different types of them. They come in various sizes and materials catering to different capacity of electricity transmission. Each one serves a specific purpose. For example, a telephone wire uses very thin strands of (usually) copper wiring as it only requires very mild amount of electricity to operate a phone. In case of electricity transmission across huge areas, electricity grids, make use of high-voltage wires within cables with conductor sections as thick as 2000mm2 and beyond depending on the voltage.

Havells manufactures some of the best wires in the country that can withstand the test of time and are relatively safe against fire, flame, and other elements of the nature. Let’s explore 11 types of wires manufactured by Havells with different properties.


Heat Resistant Flame Retardant (HRFR) with Lifeline Plus S3, as the name suggests, is a flame retardant as well as heat resistant wire that can withstand up to 85 degrees Celsius temperature. These flexible cables are easy to install and provide superior insulation capabilities including carrying of high current while ensuring better electrical and mechanical performance.


Flame Retardant Low Smoke and Halogen (FR-LSH) are made from specially formulated PVC polymers that restrict the emission of any type of toxic gas and smoke making it safe, reliable, fire resistant, lead resistant, lead-free and a non-toxic alternative for wires. This non-toxic cable is made with the safety and well-being of customers in mind. FR-LSH wires come in 5 different categories for different applications offering superior protection and human safety.


Havells HFFR wires provide security, safety, reliability, fire- and flame-retardant properties, are lead-free and non-toxic in composition. Their biggest plus is the fact that in the unlikely event of a fire, the cable will reduce its spread. The HFFR is also halogen-free ensuring that anyone trapped in a fire is not intoxicated and have better chances of survival.


Flame Retardant (FR) offers superior insulation and flame-retardant properties ensure optimum electrical and mechanical performance at higher temperatures. These wires have high insulation resistance, are eco-friendly, and are anti- termite and -rodent. They are available in 13 different sizes and 7 different colors.

Multicore Round Cables

The Havells Multicore Round Cable is an eco-friendly choice offering good insulation, flexibility, and best-in-class all round protection. It can be used in all electrically operated machines and equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, motors, etc. Human safety is one of its key features.

Flat Submersible Cables

The three-core flat submersible cable features a sturdy construction and can be used for submersible pumps and motors. It has a 101% copper conductivity making it ideal for pumps requiring a safe wire with durability and longevity of continued operation and minimal breakdowns.

Telecom Switchboard Cables

The Telecom Switchboard cables with copper wiring are best suited for reliable operation with high solder ability and twist withstanding capability for proper termination. They also offer good elongation and conform to TEC regulations.

CATV CO Axial Cables

Havells CATV CO axial cables are used in TV cables connecting with dish antennas. It is a wire braided cable that comes in three different categories.

LAN Cables

Havells also manufactures LAN cables for internet and computer connectivity. These cables meet global standards for optimum performance.

CCTV Cables

With the growing use of CCTVs all around us, Havells manufactures CCTV cables that ensure high-quality video streaming and long-lasting performance.

Speaker Cables

High-quality music requires cables with wires with minimal distortion, signal loss and interference. Havells speaker cables offer durable construction in addition to high-quality transmission of music signals for maximum clarity.

To explore the entire range of wires and cables offered by Havells, click here.

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