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  • by Havells India
  • July 23, 2020
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4 reasons your business should adopt smart lighting

As the natural resources are becoming exhausted, energy consumption in office space / Campus / Outdoor dominates the work environment & culture.  The comprehensive exploration of energy improvements in lighting system energy is necessary. To evaluate the energy-saving potential and identify the efficiency improvement opportunities for lighting operations, improve in productivity and further optimized maintenance in services are in demand for the Smart Campus.

 Gain an in-depth understanding of lighting energy usage across your office space. Take full control of office lighting across one building or your entire property where artificial intelligence can delivers insight into lighting usage, so you make data – based decision to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

 This gives you entire freedom and liberty to manage your whole application for both Indoor & Outdoor. We can have a control of Smart city or Campus or Office.

Easy and anytime anywhere control

Lighting is not an option but a necessity for any building. Yet, looking at methods to attain Return on Investment (ROI) from it, by lowering unnecessary usage or wastage, is something that keeps playing on the mind of business owners. For this, the most productive way is to adopt smart lighting, which, through its intelligent LED lighting system, can be easily controlled anytime and anywhere, leading to lesser electricity bills. Though the switch from traditional to it may seem high, but over a period, the convenience of being able to turn off the nonessential lights from your finger’s tip which is connected to the cloud-based digital applications will lead to savings and also justify the cost.

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency 

Most companies aim to lower cost while rendering a high level of service. For this, commercial buildings opt for LEDs because of its benefits of requiring nearly 90% less energy, which leads to a decrease in operational budgets, lesser maintenance and even low replacement cost along with providing more brightness.

But, when these LEDs come packed as smart lightning and offer intelligent features like motion sensors or sunlight detection that identifies the need of illumination as per human movement or sun’s exposure before switching on the bulb or lamp, then it results in further economic efficiency. Thus, to reduce working expenditure and maintain performance, businesses should choose smart LED lighting.

Colour tunability

Colour tunability or its capability to change colour and temperature intensity is a superior feature that makes an LED into a smart LED light. A lot of commercial buildings are adopting for such lamps, mainly because of it being a human-centric lighting solution. In simple words, this means that the illumination system can be adjusted in a way that relaxes people. E.g., during the summer months, you need cool but less bright lights whereas in winters it’s the opposite; thus, with the tunable feature of smart lighting, the settings of the ceiling bulbs can be modified. This also helps to improve productivity and awareness and can even help in attracting more customers, which means more business for the company.


LEDs are eco-friendly as it consumes less energy which in turn reduces greenhouse emission. These bulbs also emit low Carbon dioxide. With smart technology in these lights, they even last longer which to the environment means fewer resources for manufacturing, packaging materials and transportation.

So, don’t think and explore the smart LED lights at Havells.com.

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