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  • May 20, 2019
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Brighten Up the Outdoors with Landscape Lighting

Lights, when placed properly, have their own way of enhancing the aesthetics of a setting. Similar to indoor illumination, which brings visually desirable results, brightening your outdoors also come with their own benefits. For instance, public landscapes, like gardens, when illuminated serves a greater purpose for people living around – they not only light up the space, but serve the functional aspect of visibility and security. And, thus lighting up such vast acres of land demands light sources that are a blend of style, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Lighting to Illuminate the Outdoors

Energy efficient LEDs are becoming an obvious choice when it comes to outdoor lighting, especially white street lights. Thanks to the ease with which LED lights can be dimmed as and when needed! The use of these LEDs allow you to save energy and make a considerable contribution to the environment – courtesy, their power saving feature. All you need to do before installation is to make sure the LED lights you choose are corrosion resistant, match your colour requirements, and have a long lifespan since this is for a long-term purpose. Other common sources for outdoor lighting are low-pressure sodium (LPS), high-pressure sodium (HPS), etc. They can be used depending on your choice of place and colour requirement.

Beautifying is another major advantage of landscape lighting. While it amplifies the aesthetics, especially during night, there’s more that it offers. More often than not, we find ourselves refraining from visiting public places after the sun goes down. One of the major reasons for this being lack of security. When outdoors are lit well, it offers a sense of safety to walk around in public spaces, enhancing the factors of convenience, as well as your overall experience. With the help of landscape lighting, leave your worries behind and walk around or carry out recreational and physical activities. You also have the option to use solar street lights for outdoor LED luminaries.

Identifying the various benefits that landscape lighting brings to the table, we, at Havells, collaborated with SDMC to enhance the overall look of Delhi with new generation landscape lighting put up under flyovers.

The mission undertaken was to illuminate public places, ensuring optimum utility of the space. The space under flyovers, which remains ignored most of the times due to improper lighting, has now gained accessibility with proper lighting. Havells Landscape Lights illuminated long stretches, which made these spaces safe for use. And, all this was achieved at no environmental cost. How? We made sure to avoid over lighting the space and used photobiologically safe LEDs.

Landscape Lighting and Workspaces:

Landscape lighting, as you may be aware, is not restricted to public spaces. It can be equally beneficial for your offices. Lighting up your workspace uplifts its ambiance making way for a vibrant environment yet productive environment. Using outdoor luminaires gives your employees a chance to take their work or meetings outdoors for a change. A bright outdoor is a refreshing change from the formal indoors. Also, appropriate lighting outside will provoke your employees to take a break from their schedule and step out for some fresh air. This goes a long way in maintaining health and improving the productivity of your employees. You have a wide range of landscape lights to experiment with in your outdoor setting.

Lighting has always been looked at as a means of brightening and beautifying the place. But, landscape lighting brings more to the table. It brings illumination with comfort!

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