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  • January 11, 2019
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Explore the dark side with Havells Dazzle Plus Solar Lantern-cum-Torch

As the sun goes down, the curtains are drawn, and the lights are turned on. But as life would have it, the chances of a complete blackout are pretty common in India. And not everyone has or lives on a backup that can provide continued supply of light. We are also not tied to the home or office at night as we have begun to explore our cities and towns at night. It is always reassuring to have a lighting device that can perform the function of a powerful torch and lantern when in need.

Lanterns that can run on rechargeable battery can be an important company to keep while exploring the dark side of our cities, towns, villages, and the nature. Camping as an adventure activity and sport has also caught up with youngsters and grown-ups alike. Lanterns play a big part in extending the fun at a camp through night even under the very darkest night sky, in the absence of the moonlight. Lanterns also has a big role in powering and fueling ambitions of kids in villages where electricity is either limited or completely absent, especially at night. Providing them the light needed to study and do homework, which otherwise would not be possible in the absence of portable lighting solutions, is a noble way of giving a platform and opportunity to everyone.

Havells Dazzle Plus solar based LED lantern that is also a torch provides a convenient way of lighting up dark areas no matter where you are. It has a built-in 2000 mAh Li-ion battery that can be recharged through a 5 W microUSB connection or using the naturally occurring sunlight as it has solar panels on the device itself. On a full charge, the lantern will provide up to 4 hours of use. It can alternatively be charged easily with a power cord that comes in the package. The lantern and torch function turns on instantly and there is no delay.

The Dazzle Plus operates in dual mode of lantern and torch for a variety of situations and applications. It provides a bright white medium beam with a 360 degree throw for properly lighting a closed or open area. The device is also very environmental friendly as it does not contain or made up of harmful substances like mercury that can be toxic to both humans and the environment. Moreover, it also has a very low power rating, which means it consumes very low energy and produce low temperature when it is in operation. The lighting is also not harmful in any way to human beings as it does not emit UV, IR, or any type of radiation.

The lantern cum torch comes in a nifty design with convenient features like easy to hold handle, both from the side and from the top. This allows a person to use it in both modes as a torch and lantern conveniently and provides a proper grip while handling. The lantern cum torch comes in green color that perfectly blends with the nature around us. The product is made up of sturdy and durable materials that ensure that it can withstand some rugged use across different types of conditions, be it nature or type of handling.

Havells is one of the largest Fast Moving Electrical Goods company in India with a wide portfolio of products for every type of needs and application. Its multi-purpose 2-in 01 Dazzle Plus lantern cum torch is the perfect companion for everyone, be it for providing light in the absence of electricity or for outdoor activities like camping. To know more about the product in detail, go to the Havells website or click here.

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