Improve Lighting to Increase Productivity at Workplace
  • by Havells India
  • April 16, 2018
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Improve Lighting to Increase Productivity at Workplace

The productivity at any workplace is determined by certain factors. And one of the most important factors that often get ignored by the employers is lighting. Everyone knows that reading in a gloomy light is harmful for the eyes, but actually lighting is much more than just that. Lighting has its own set of effects, both positive and negative. When we talk about lighting at a workplace, it certainly has a significant influence on the employees and thus, the productivity.

According to the statistics, almost 65% of the employees complain about the lighting condition at their workplaces. And if taken into consideration, this is actually a substantial percentage, which illustrates that employers need to give lighting its due attention at the place of work. More often than not, poor lighting at offices has two common problems, either it is too dim, or too bright.

Dim lights, the first situation, can be unfavorable to productivity for quite a few reasons. Dim lighting, primarily, can result in eye strain and headaches, seeing that eyes have to work hard to observe in inadequate lighting. It also brings about drowsiness and lack of focus, which would in any case influence the enthusiasm of employees. Coming to the second situation, bright lighting is found more frequently in offices, and is as detrimental as dim lighting. Too much brightness not only causes eye strain, but can also prompt migraine headaches. Such bright lighting also makes it hard for the employees to focus, and therefore, impacts the productivity.

Adequate Lighting at Workplaces

Lighting affects the humans in two manners; directly, as in what and how we are seeing, and indirectly, as in its influence on our mood, behavior, and even hormonal balance. Owing to the importance that lighting has on the productivity of employees, employers should consider investing in adequate lighting at the workplaces. Though the initial expenditure of lighting renovation may appear frightening, the savings will prominently appear in the electricity bills and the overall productivity.

It has been observed that right and adequate lighting at the workplaces enables a healthy work environment with enhanced level of satisfaction and motivation among employees. One can also consider using a hint of natural light in lobbies, pantry area, conference rooms and other such places that directly influences the mood of employees, keeping them in tune with the circadian rhythm.

On a Concluding Note

Light, being a major constituent of vision, and vision being accountable for 80 to 85% of our observation of the surroundings, certainly has its own influence in our lives. Considering this, it’s not difficult to understand how inadequate lighting could possibly cause a negative impact on productivity at workplaces. If making certain changes in your workplace lighting plan can bring about positive changes, it is better to invest in a right lighting plan and take pleasure in the energy savings over and above increased productivity.

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