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  • July 27, 2018
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Lighting – To Create the Right Ambience and Mood

Lighting, actually, makes a great impact on the ambience and mood of the people. For instance, when you enter a room bathed in cozy, inviting light, you’ll feel comfortable right away. And if you enter the same room, bustling with harsh fluorescents, you’ll hardly find yourself at ease. According to the studies, intense lighting affects the emotions – both positive and negative – of the people. There is a link between emotion and ambient brightness; both the intensity and the color of the light affect the mood of the people.

How To Design Places with Appropriate Lighting?

While designing any space, you need to understand its lighting requirements according to the usage. Like, if you’re designing an office space, the lighting should be such that encourages alertness and productivity. It must have controls that allow for changes throughout the day. You can adjust the intensity with dimmer switches. However, you can change the entire look and feel of the setting with Trim Clip-Ons, decorative recess mounted LED downlight, with options of warm daylight, natural daylight and cool daylight, from the house of Havells. These light fixtures are ideal for offices, commercial complexes, residential bungalows and such other places where you need to frequently alter the lighting need.

While incorporating lighting in homes, the purpose of each room must be considered. Like, a kitchen calls for brighter, high CRI light; a bedroom needs soothing light and a living room requires mellower, warmer lighting. Likewise, lighting at the house entrance must be welcoming, making a smooth transition from the bright daylight or dark outdoors to the warm interior light, so that the visitors feel comfortable without any trouble. At the time of sleeping, lighting requires to be dimmed to help relaxation but still bright enough to navigate your home easily.

Smart Lighting that Matches Your Mood

With smart range of lighting, you can change the lighting according to your mood and to create the desired ambience. When we talk about mood lighting, the E-Lite LED Quadra Glow by Havells is a dimmable batten provided with 4 wattages (18W, 12W, 4W and 1W) which can be easily changed through the operating supply switch. Likewise, if you want to change the lighting color, then there is the E-Lite LED Triyca which is actually a color changing batten with 3 color settings. With a simple click, you can set the right intensity that matches your mood and creates the desired ambience.

Mood Lighting – Gives You the Flexibility

Smart lighting has evolved, and lighting controls are made advanced to change the lighting according to the requirements. The newer LEDs with integrated controls have the facility to dim to warmer color temperatures. Thus, these lighting fixtures are getting popular among households, hospitality industry and other places where you need to set the right mood. For obvious reasons, nobody would like to sit and have dinner under very bright light. And likewise, very dim light is adverse for workplaces as it will initiate lethargic attitude in employees. So, lighting must be chosen carefully to achieve the desired result.

To Conclude

Since lighting affects the mood of the room, it is a crucial element to consider while designing a space. With smart range of lighting, you can easily adjust lighting than to change the wall color of your room. In fact, by just dimming or brightening the light, you can change the color of the room. Besides changing the mood of the people indoors, lighting can even alter the shape and size of the room. A small room can be made appear larger by painting the walls in a light color and installing extra lighting reflecting off the walls. Without protruding into the space, recessed lighting can make a room look larger while adding a soft glow to the space. With Havells range of smart lighting – made after strenuous research and innovation – you can select the right lighting to set the right mood in your space.

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