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  • September 17, 2020
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Power over Ethernet and connected lighting

The world of lighting has evolved considerably over a period of time. Where earlier organizations used the incandescent and halogen bulbs to then fluorescent ones and paid a hefty electricity bill, the transition to LED lights because of the apparent benefits has been steady. But as technology is a continually improving field, the lighting world is once again seeing another solution that is now making businesses opt for it due to benefits like better energy management, sustainability cost-savings and enhanced performance.

It is called the Power over Ethernet (PoE) that uses the Network cable to light LED fixtures. Furthermore, the connected lightning transmits data between the luminaries to collect real-time insights into critical information such as LED health status, operational effectiveness, and latent problems for interoperability and leveraging IoT.

PoE lighting works best for businesses also because it provides-

  • A DC bus bar with low-voltage and Digital ceiling concept
  • Requires no separate power & control cable
  • Facilitates accumulating real-time data such as temperature, occupancy, brightness, CO2 emissions and space optimization

Connected lighting draws power from a smart controller, thereby eliminating the need for separate electrical wires and cables. Also, each LED port is assigned a unique address for the two-way communication between the control device and sensor, leading to improved productivity, reduced energy, and maintenance costs. The PoE system for buildings acts as smart hubs as this solution allows companies to scale for the entire space or room-by-room.

PoE technology in connected lighting systems for commercial buildings will in times ahead be widely accepted not alone for various advantages but also because it is based on a standard is broadly accepted in the IT world. This shift may be slow, but once organizations remodel to this futuristic way of lighting, it will result in a higher level of performance to commercial lighting systems and building management. Also, leading companies like Havells, are continually working towards making connected world a reality by adding various lighting products to its vast portfolio.

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