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  • March 26, 2021
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Save pedestrians life with Crossway lighting solution

Street lights are a commonly seen raised source of illumination on the edge of a road or pathway. These everyday luminaries are a popular part of the urban landscape.

But ever wondered when these lamps were invented? The answer is, way back in 1978, in Paris. The world’s first electric streetlight was installed to replace the old gas lanterns with the arc lamp. Its fundamental advantage of providing security in outdoor environments led to other countries like London, United States, etc., also adopting this technology.

Since then, these light poles have gone through many changes- from incandescent lamps to today’s LEDs, which have nearly become acceptable and the golden standard for new street lighting technology worldwide.

Apart from its feature of safety, another vital role of street lights is to keep pedestrians risk-free, particularly at crossing points, mid-block and intersection locations. However, all this is factually correct, but in reality, we often see these lighting solutions do not work up to their capacity and are at times dimly lit or not working at all. This makes walking both inconvenient and dangerous for foot-travellers.

To cater to this problem and save pedestrians’ lives, Havells, the leader in lighting, has a solution called Crossway. The new generation roadway luminaire is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and made with versatile pressure die-cast aluminium IP66 technology that enables walking on the pathway and road secure.

Furthermore, this outdoor lighting system is also suitable for accident-prone areas such as traffic intersection because of its dedicated optics. Its enduring and photobiological safe LED adheres to norms of National Lighting Code: 2010, no harmful UV and IR radiations and also provides higher shine for walkers, making it safe for them to cross the road.

The illumination technology also makes pedestrian crossings less risky with its bright but non-glared advanced optics. The prominent visibility allows approaching motorists to drive carefully and evade potential night-time hazards. Another notable highlight of Crossway is its colour option of unique Amber and conventional warm white and cool white CCTs that improves driver’s attention during the night.

Overall, Crossway Smart Lighting Solutions is a one-stop lighting system that definitely makes the roads safer for pedestrians. It improves night-time visibility, reduces crashes, aids in navigation, minimises glare and helps people feel safe on the road.

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