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  • October 11, 2019
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Some Creative Ideas to Light Up your Home This Diwali

Finally the annual wait is over. The festive season is here and it’s time to eat tasty dishes, buy new clothes, clean and decorate your home, meet relatives and so much more. Just like the way you want your dress to outshine others’ clothes, you want your abode to look resplendent and beautiful as well. And to make sure that your space reflects your taste and style, you are here to find some creative decoration ideas and useful tricks that would help you to light up your space in an astonishing manner. So, given below are some easy ways following which you can illuminate your home this Diwali.

 Brighten up your home with LEDs – If you still using the old-world incandescent lamps or CFLs, it’s time to say them goodbye. Not only they are consuming much energy, they are also offering less brightness as compared to LEDs. Replace the old lamps with LEDs and see the difference in the overall brightness. Havells has a range of LED lamps, out of which NU Bulb and NU Bulb+ are the most innovative lamps that give 14% wider illumination to light up every corner of your space. So, leave no space for darkness and illuminate every corner using this lighting appliance.

Use your imagination and see the magic unfold – While you’re using earthen lamps for decorations, you can use your old bangles to make a shade for the lamp. It will offer colorful light, which will look mesmerizing. In fact, you can also turn your regular apples into candle votives. You can use them to decorate your center table by creating a centerpiece or making them a part of individual place setting. Further, you can use LED string lights to make a curtain of lights on your otherwise empty walls. You can use empty bottles and jars by inserting LED string lights in them and on lighting up, they look simply beautiful.

 Pendant lights are always a hit – Whether it’s our traditional kandeel or the modern pendant lights, this source of illumination never goes out of style. You can use them the way you like. In fact, you can make your own pendant light by using a hoola-hoop with strings of LED lights all around it and hanging it using a cord. You can use a single kandeel or a cluster of them, if your space allows, giving an enchanting lighting affect.

Use some more LED strips – We all know how versatile LED strip lights are and how creative you can be while using them. It’s Diwali time, so, a little more of lights is the need of the festivities. Apart from using them behind your television sets, you can use them in the space between your fall ceilings to give a surreal affect. You can also use them in cabinets and places behind beds and sofas, from where their affect could be seen.

 Illuminate your garden and porch as well – If you have decked up the interiors, do take out some time to decorate and illuminate the exterior part of your home too. Decorate your home entrance using flowers, colours and LED diyas, in short, make a rangoli using all this stuff. Apart from that, you can also use statement lamps, the traditional colored glass ones, to impart a lovely festive look. If you have trees and plants around, you can put LED string lights meandering through lanes of plants, while the trees can be highlighted using LED rope lights in different colors.


The festival of lights is incomplete without the festivities, good food, lighting, brightness and merriment. To welcome the Goddess Lakshmi, you decorate your homes with full fervor. When we talk about illumination, apart from candles or oil lamps, what stays for the longest duration is lighting through electricity. The options could be endless. There are innumerable decorative lights available in the market during the festive season. You can either use your old lights in a creative manner to give it a new feel or you can also mix and match some new and some old lights for the complete make-over. Havells Lighting offers a range of lights and lighting accessories to beautify your spaces in a beautiful manner. So, decorate your home well and be ready to woo the Goddess of Wealth this Diwali!

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