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  • September 24, 2018
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Why it is time to switch to LED Battens

Incandescent bulbs, the traditional bulb enclosed in a round airtight glass producing yellow light has been in use since Thomas Edison perfected it. It slowly gave way to fluorescent tubelights (FTL) that became the standard lighting in homes and offices and had a good run for decades. No technology is perfect and is everlasting.

The old incandescent bulbs produced high degree of heat during operation and were prone to the fuse blowing up. They required frequent replacement and consumed a lot of power while producing a moderate level of light. Then came the FTL or the tubelight. It was relatively more efficient and could produce white and yellow lights. However, it too suffered from periodical replacement of the tubelight and change of the starter choke, if not frequently.

Post tubelights, CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamps were rooted as the modern-day lighting offering energy efficiency and relatively longer operation time before they failed. However, they come nowhere close to the benefits of the superseding lighting technology; LED or Light-Emitting Diode. LED battens have revolutionized lighting as we know it. They offer numerous advantages over all previous generations of lighting technology.

Cost Saving

One of the biggest reasons why you should upgrade to an LED batten for your home or office lighting is the cost saving it provides. They reduce electricity bill considerably given the fact that an LED batten would be at least twice more efficient than a regular tubelight and more than 5 times of incandescent bulb. Moreover, the saving does not come from replacing one batten. Imagine, all your existing tubelights getting replaced with LED battens and the collective savings they would offer from the day they are installed. It would amount to big savings in a year and thereon.

Energy Consumption

One of the biggest reasons for savings in cost is the ultra-low power consumption of LED battens. We often worry about the high electricity bill we wound run into if we keep the lights on for longer duration. One of the most important deciding factors while purchasing an electrical product in India is the energy consumption. We have various means of knowing if an electric product is energy-efficient such as start rating and so on. However, the same does not translate to lighting products. LED battens are by default energy efficient and replacing existing lighting with them will provide total peace of mind as we do not have to worry about high electricity consumption resulting in expensive electricity bills.


The traditional incandescent bulbs required frequent replacements every now and then. The tubelights too do not have a very long lifespan and usually last between 6000 and 8000 hours where LED battens can go on up to 25000 hours without breaking down. A lot is saved in terms of money, time, and the effort to replace them.

Brightness Level

The quality of brightness in an LED batten does not deteriorate over a period of time and remain consistent throughout its lifespan. This is not true with tubelights and incandescent bulbs as they lose brightness level with time.


An LED batten offers superior luminous efficiency over all previously used lighting technologies which is also the reason for their low energy consumption. For instance, an 18-Watt LED batten will produce the same intensity of light that a 36-Watt tubelight would. This translates to literally halving the energy used to produce the same amount and quality of light. Therefore, when we upgrade to an LED batten, our energy consumption drastically goes down and we get the same level of luminosity.


Last but not the least, aesthetics is important for us today. LED battens come packed in smart enclosures that can be easily fitted on a ceiling or wall. There are no additional wires or visible parts. They are also compact in size without compromising on the illumination. So, they perfectly compliment the interiors of any home or office.

Havells E-Lite LED Quadra Glow is a 18W batten that offers up to 25000 hours of continuous operation without breakdown. It is environment friendly as it is free of mercury and consumes very less power. Click here to know more about the product.

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