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  • by Havells India
  • February 14, 2017
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Here’s How to Get Perfect Hair Everytime

Make bad hair days history!
Hair Straightener

They say bad hair is like an unmade bed. No matter how well dressed you are, if your hair is out of place, things can go downhill darn quickly. If you want to make heads turn for all the right reasons, here are a few foolproof looks that will amp up the love in the room.






Hair Care


Get the perfect beach waves to add a flirty romantic look for your big date. The look is easy to create provided you’re armed with the right hair straightener. Add some hair cream and scrunch up the bottom part of your hair just after you washed your hair when it’s still damp. Then using your hair straightener, smoothen the crown area. Now just straighten normally like you normally do. To create waves in the bottom half, just wrap your hair around your hair straightener and hold in place for a few seconds. The curls will become waves as you let your hair loose.

Nothing spells beautifully feminine more than a soft wavy bob. It’s the ultimate look to bring out the feels in your guy. All you have to do is prepare your hair with some mousse and invest in a handy hair straightener. Yes, you read that right, a hair straightener that can also give you those soft waves like the latest one from Havells. Accessorize with a flower wreath or some sparkly pins.

hair care 3


For a more defined look which is a variation of the beach waves with tighter curls, use a curling cream and then use a hair straightener like Havells with its quick heating technology will ensure your hair is damage free.




hair care 4


Want to wear your hair up? Go for a messy side bun. A little prep goes a long way to nail the look. Straighten your hair and add some waves at the bottom half. Now sweep your hair to the left. Let the stray hairs be since you don’t want a very severe look. Use a hair tie and finish the look with a flower.


hair care 5


If you’re not the curly hair types, go smooth and silky straight. Havells hair straightener will make sure your hair is frizz free. Just use on damp hair after you apply a heat protection cream.



hair care 6



Another look that’s always a hit is the sweet girly one with the wispy curls. A variation of the other looks, this one needs plenty of pre-conditioning before you start curling your hair. Smoothen the top half with a hair straightener and make soft curls by wrapping your hair around it. Set the curls with a curl cream.

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