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  • May 21, 2019
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Let the chrome-finish Frameio add style to your space!

Gone are the days when people used to settle with whatever they have got. In the present times, the word ‘adjustment’ no more adjusts in the world where everything has become an indulgence rather than just being a requirement. Given that the interiors today are truly defined by opulence, it is not surprising to find people giving importance to even the minutest details to make their space look absolutely wonderful. While doing your home or office interiors, one thing that truly deserves your attention is electrical switches and switch cover frames.

 The electrical switches today are much more than just the functionality of letting on and off the electrical appliances. First, they went modular and now they are coming in a number of finishes which appear remarkably chic. Havells, one of the premium brands for electrical switches in the country, delivered one of the best inventions in the segment with its Fabio range of electrical switches featuring the dual-orientation switch plates which allow both vertical and horizontal mounting. To enhance the experience of its customers, the brand has come up with the Frameio – the chrome-finish, dual-orientation cover frames which can take in all switches by the Fabio.

 Available in different modules, the Frameio features the premium chrome-finish switch plates that boast of dual plate design with combined inner and outer plate, which neatly covers the assembly and easily fits in the wall. These cover frames are crafted out of high-grade, UV-stabilized polycarbonate material which ensures no discoloration during the lifetime. Moreover, the fire retardant material of these frames has self-extinguishing properties which are proven on 850 degree glow wire test. The multi-rib design of these cover plates features cross rib inner plates for extra strength and firm locking modules. Additionally, the features like dust-free glossy finish, dual orientation and easy to install make the Frameio truly desirable for modern interiors.

 Beautifully designed, the Frameio switch plates can add elegance to your space with their glossy finish. In fact, these covers go well with almost any colour and finish present in the surroundings. Their reflective surface makes them look absolutely chic and stylish to groom your surrounds perfectly well. According to the colour scheme of your room, you can choose the switch colours which blend with the chrome switch plates for the ultimate results. These cover frames go well almost everywhere, including bedroom, living room, dining room, offices, board rooms and so on.

 The Frameio works wonderfully well with a variety of decorative styles like art deco, retro, shabby chic and many more. It is neither too shiny nor too dull, which makes it just right for almost all types of décor. Moreover, it doesn’t require rigorous cleaning and can be easily cleaned using a soft, damp cloth. So, let chrome be your style quotient without giving a second thought. If you’re planning interiors of your newly-owned space or refurbishing the décor of already acquired space, allow the Frameio to be a part of your world and get wooed by its brilliance.

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