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  • September 28, 2018
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Havells Distribution Boards offer double the protection

Distribution board (DB) is one of the less-talked-about heroes protecting many homes, electrical appliances, and more importantly us. Yet, nobody consciously realizes its role and appreciates it. Many people do not even notice its presence at home. Not entirely their fault as many distribution boards are installed in areas that are not easily seen. Some are behind the hallway door, some are below stairs, some in the basement, some in the garage, and some are installed right outside of the house so it is easily hidden away.

The reason for this conscious effort of ensuring distribution boards stay out of our sight is their less-than-attractive designs and forms. They certainly do not compliment the aesthetics of a household walls that we carefully paint, decorate, and maintain. So, the common association with distribution board is that of something technical, not meant for eyes, and to be put away in a corner that nobody can take notice.

Distribution boards today have come a long way. They go beyond their sole purpose of electrical utility and solve the much-needed design and form overhaul that will make them a visually appealing accessory on the wall. Distribution boards these days are designed to be classy that can blend with their surroundings. They are available in various color options, come in different forms that can be flush mounted or surface mounted. They can also be vertically mounted or horizontally placed depending on shapes.

Distribution boards also come with single door or double door options and varying sizes based on the need of the electrical distribution, which usually varies with the size of a home. Covers of these distribution boards are also neatly designed using different materials such as premium-quality plastic covers, metallic doors, and so on. They are no longer a thing meant only for electricians and electrical professionals but for every man and woman who cares about keeping a modern and classy looking interior for his or her home.

Havells Distribution Boards

Havells distribution boards are not only modern in design but they also offer useful features and safety. They have versatile designs to suit many tastes of customers and different needs for different houses. These distribution boards have color options like silverfish grey, sparkling gold, and sparkling white to ensure that its range is not just a half-hearted effort at making distribution boards desirable. Any creative person with fashion sense will greatly appreciate the range.

These distribution boards are also easy to open and shut without a thud like traditional boards have. They also meet standards such as IEC 61439-3, IS:13032, and IS:8623.

 Distribution Boards by Havells with lock

The Distribution Boards with Lock by Havells feature a magnetic door lock to make it secure from unauthorized access. Not all distribution boards are installed inside the home, some are next to stairs that may be accessible to anyone entering the building structure. In some cases, these distribution boards are also installed just outside the front door. In case of children present in a home where the distribution board is placed indoors at a lower height and is easily accessible, one may worry about kids accidentally coming in contact with dangerous electrical wiring, exposed contacts, and switches inside a distribution board. A distribution board with a lock will alleviate all these worries without disturbing the aesthetics. After all, distribution board is not only about safety, it is also about aesthetics and security.

Havells is one of the largest electrical companies in the country that manufactures a range of products ranging from electrical equipment to consumer durables. To know more about Havells Distribution Boards with lock, click here.

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