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  • June 20, 2019
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Why You Should Install MCBs?

Any mishap due to over current, overload or short circuit can be really dangerous. Instead of waiting for an accident to happen, it is always better to prevent such mishaps by safeguarding your circuitry, appliances and loved ones through adequate switchgear in advance. Earlier people used fuses to protect their electrical equipments and network on the whole. With the technological advancement, MCBs emerged on the scene and replaced the fuses at least in domestic applications. And why not, these mechanically operated switches cum circuit protection devices work perfectly well to suspend power supply in circuits during overload and short circuits, while keeping you safe and sound. Moreover, these can be reused even after interruption of the circuit unlike fuses. More often, MCBs are commonly used in low voltage electrical network. Let’s know how MCBs are advantageous to use.

Advantages of Miniature Circuit Breakers

  1. Being sensitive to over current, MCB automatically cuts off the power supply during overload and faulty conditions. Unlike MCBs, a fuse is not that sensitive to the faulty conditions.
  2. As the MCB trips while breaking the supply of electrical circuit, the switch operating knob comes at OFF position which makes it easier to identify the faulty zone of the electrical circuit. However, in case of a fuse, the fuse wire needs to be checked by opening fuse grip or cutout from fuse base, for confirming the blow of fuse wire.
  3. MCBs allow quick restoration of power supply by just switching ON the operating knob. In case of a fuse, it needs to be rewired or replaced for restoring the power supply.
  4. MCBs are safer than a fuse. Since MCBs offer improved operational safety and more convenience than the old-school fuse, MCBs are commonly used in low voltage electrical network.

 Knowing that MCBs offer better protection against electrical faults, it is wise to invest in them. Their procuring cost could appear more at the outset, but operating cost is much lesser. Havells, a trusted name in the world of electrical equipments, offers a vast selection of high-quality MCBs for different voltage requirements. You can choose from high rating MCBs, mini MCB isolators, isolator switching devices and indicator lights to safeguard your appliances. Made abiding by the prescribed safety norms using the latest technology, MCBs by Havells are equipped for de-energizing the circuits and preventing faults. If you haven’t installed yet, get the best-quality Havells MCBs and safeguard yourself and your world from any electrical accident.

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