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5 ways to grow the beard right

At some stage or the other, every man has to take a hard decision in their life. No, it’s not about their professional life or about getting married, but it is regarding keeping a beard or not. This choice can either make them look rugged and macho or give them a chocolate-boy appearance; both admired among the women.

So, if you have finally decided and are inspired by the dynamic style of the Indian cricket captain, Virat Kohli or the dashing appearance of actor Shahid Kapoor, then we’d say thinking about keeping the beard is just right. The idea of the perfect stubble or the full-grown beard will absolutely give you a dapper look, and thus, today we bring you 5 ways to grow the beard right-

Tip #1. Give it time

For a beard to look stylish, the first and foremost step is to take it easy when growing it. Give it time and not shave. On an average, the facial hair grows 1/2 an inch per month so it will roughly take 30 days before a full-grown beard kicks in.

During this time, you will have patches and inconsistent thickness on certain spots, but a suggestion, don’t smoothen them. In no time, those areas will become fuller and give the beard a good shape.

Also, it might feel itchy in the first 1-2 weeks but let that not tempt you to shave. The little discomfort of now will give you a complete beard later. Moreover, with time, it will become softer, more manageable, and far less itchy.

Tip #2. Groom The Beard

Not grooming the beard during the growing-the-beard phase is one of the most rookie mistakes. It is hence, vital to keep defining the shape as per the face-cut. Also, trim the parts that you will eventually completely shave away to a much shorter length. Likewise, start avoiding the neck beard and clean up the neck hairs.

But keep the beard full around the jaw and underneath the chin. For this, control the beard’s length using the right trimmer and having the correct precision settings.

Tip #3. Stay moisturized

The key is to keep the beard clean and for that wash the face with cold water and pat it dry. Post that hydrate your skin with an aftershave to soothe your skin. Also, replenish it by using moisturizing products like beard oil, beard balms, and even beard butter that not only adds nutrients but also maintains a healthy face during the growing process.

Try to use a scrub once a week. This will remove the dead cells on the face and stimulate the growth of new hair.

Tip #4. Well-being of the body

Ever thought the beard depends on what you eat? Well, yes, taking care of the body has a direct relation to the facial hair condition. So, a balanced diet is the key. Include protein-rich foods like lentils, beans, eggs, and fish. Also, incorporate greens like spinach, vitamin C-rich products like oranges, and snack on raisins which are a natural source of boron that helps boosts facial hair growth.

Another way to grow the mane of the face is by sleeping well and relaxing the body. Stress reduces hair growth; Therefore, exercise and sleep well. The former increases the circulation of the blood in the body, which will help to promote facial hair growth and the latter is the most significant stress buster.

Tip #5. Committing to the Process

Don’t give up. This is the most integral step while growing bread. Many men lose patience at the time where most of the progress or hard work has been done.

Ignore the discomfort and the itchiness and stick to the goal of flaunting a new look with a beard. Stay committed.

To follow the above steps, invest in a critical product that will be your friend during the growing phase, and that is electric trimmers or easy-to-use shavers. By using the advanced technology product of Havells men will not only be assured of a hassle-free shaving experience but also get the right precision and shape of their five o’clock shadow’.


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