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  • January 26, 2019
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Havells wishes everyone a Happy 70th Republic Day 

India may not have the most luxurious living in the world but it is certainly a well respected nation that is truly secular and democratic in nature, which by law guarantees freedom, dignity, and equal opportunity for all. It is the biggest democracy in the world where people from all walks of life, religion, caste, and creeds participate in the system and contribute towards the economic and spiritual success of the country. This has been made possible since the day India became a republic on 26th January, 1950. On this very day, the Indian Constitution Assembly formally adopted the Constitution of India and it came into effect.

 We are celebrating 70th anniversary of one of most important days for the country, a day to reflect and observe the joyous occasion by spreading joy, love, peace, and patriotism amongst family, friends, and colleagues. The Republic Day is a day to reckon the centuries of struggle that our forefathers had to endure for the spirit of freedom we take for granted today. It did not come through in a flash, instead, it took years, decades, and centuries of blood and sweat of freedom fighters and visionaries.

 They sacrificed everything, from family to friends, to fight for the right to dignity and self-rule. Their contribution and the resulting liberal world we live in manifests itself in the texts of the Indian constitution. The preamble of our written constitution very clearly guarantees the right to liberty, expression, faith and worship. It is therefore our duty to carry our individual responsibilities to the best of our capabilities and capacity in the collective betterment of every citizen.

 The date, 26th Jan, is sacrilegious to Indians not only because it is the day on which the constitution was drafted, the significance goes much before the drafting date. Back in 1927, the Indian National Congress (INC) that struggled to gain independence for a very long time, voted for absolute freedom from the British Raj instead of the dominion status. It was on this day, 26th Jan, 1927, when the INC members took the oath to get India rid of any form of foreign rule, and establish a sovereign and democratic India. So, we shall cherish this day to the fullest.

 At Havells, we are proud to be part of this historical nation with a rich heritage and colourful history. It is our motto to make a difference through our products and services that enhance and improve the living standard of every resident of India. We are very careful that the progress does not come at a cost. Sustainability is a top priority at Havells as all our facilities are constantly working towards reducing the carbon footprint, water conservation and renewal. Our Corporate Social Responsibility function is also constantly engaged with various communities to address the social responsibilities that every organisation must have.

 We are also constantly promoting and supporting locally made innovations and products by aligning with the Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ program. Most of our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities setup across India. The manufacturing units are designed with sustainability and environment conservation in mind. It is our vision to grow sustainably and responsibly for a greater good of the nation.

 Come and join us in celebrating the spirit of Republic Day, and let us be the best version of what we can be. Once again, we wish you a very Happy Republic Day, 2019.

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