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  • September 27, 2018
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Changing Weather Calls for Change in Shower Water Temperature

As the month of September is about to bid adieu, the hot and sultry weather is changing for the better and cooler conditions. And with this change, the regular water which has turned a bit colder comes as a shock during shower. Especially kids find it really panicking to take shower in the morning. So, it’s time to turn on your water heaters and indulge in a warm shower.

Of course, you don’t need very hot water these days. Since the temperature has gone down a few degrees lower, all you need is lukewarm water for that balmy affect. Thanks to the new-age technology, you can now easily set the water heater at the desired water temperature. But in case, you are using the age old geysers, you might not find the option to set the temperature as they heat the water at the pre-set temperature.

Given to the changing needs, preferences and climatic conditions, it is important to invest in a high-quality water heater which gives you the flexibility to set the water temperature according to your need. Doing this, you will not only find it more comfortable but also get more savings on your electricity bills. Havells – the premium brand for electrical products – offers a wide range of storage water heaters that come with a temperature setting option to meet your requirements.

Havells has always been a pioneer in infusing the latest technology in its products. And its storage water heaters are abiding by this technical know-how with a number of amazing features to boast of. If we talk about the storage capacity, the geysers are available in 10, 15, 25, 35, 50 and 100 liters. These water heaters come with safety valve, PUF insulation, incoloy glass coated heating element together with Feroglas Technology, which protects the inner tank of geyser from corrosion and rust.

Coming to the hero product of this category, Adonia is the best-in-class in company of temperature sensitive color changing LED indicators and feather touch control panel, backed by the most advanced technology. Adding more to the list, there is Puro Turbo which comes with multiple heating options, shock safe plug, Whirlflow technology and adjustable knob for temperature setting. Then there is Senzo which has digital display, feather touch panel, PUF insulation, anode rod together with 0.8 MPa high working pressure to beat all odds of heating water. Another different model in storage water heater category is Monza EC H which features a horizontal design making it suitable for low ceilings. Moreover, it is available in left and right configurations too.

To Conclude

All things considered, of course, we all need water geysers that come equipped with temperature control settings so that we get the water exactly the way we want. Havells, being a consumer oriented company, believes in offering products that make life easier and comfortable for the users. Each of its products offers the combo of convenience and performance. And that is why; its water heaters are equipped with user-friendly features along with amazing technology to deliver the best performance every time you turn them on. Equipped with India’s first integrated shock safe plug that cuts power in case of any current leakage, Havells water heaters are truly class apart!

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