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  • August 14, 2018
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Good Reasons to Indulge in Hot Water Shower

Since time immemorial people have enjoyed taking shower for many good reasons. Maintaining hygiene remains the topmost justification, with scores of other reasons though. In this fast paced world, the long hours of travelling and work leave you exhausted at the end of the day. But a hot water shower can work wonders to calm you down and relax your nerves, muscles, brain and body on the whole. According to some studies, a hot shower has a therapeutic effect on mind and body; nonetheless make sure that the water is at just right temperature.  To solve your hot water worries, you need to get a water heater that gives you perfectly hot water in next to no time. That way, you can enjoy a hot shower without fail and get the incredible benefits it has to offer. Let’s check out some advantages of taking hot water showers.

Reduces Stress

If you had a stressful day, a hot shower will serve as a perfect stress buster. Actually taking a hot shower is a wonderful idea after a long nerve-racking day at work. It helps to relax the mind and the body, thus, reduces stress. The hot water truly improves the oxytocin levels, and consequently, improves your mood and reduces stress.

Removes Bacteria and Germs

The hot water helps to kill germs and bacteria. So, if you have been exposed to a fair deal of bacteria, you should take a hot shower to kill off the germs and to reduce the chances of infection. In fact, even if you have a wound, taking hot water showers works amazingly to kill the bacteria and promote blood circulation in the injured area.

Relieves Pain and Reduces Muscle Stiffness

If you’re having any type of pain in your body, taking a hot shower might be the much desired pain reliever. Whether it’s a hectic day at work or day to day activities at home, our body gets tired and muscles become stiff. In such a situation, taking a hot shower can certainly help to reduce muscle stiffness, improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

Treats High Blood Pressure

If you’re dealing with high blood pressure, then a hot shower can be your best rescue. It is scientifically proven that hot water normalizes your blood pressure. As the hot water runs over your body, it makes you feel relaxed and lowers down the blood pressure. Therefore, it is a cheap and effective solution to this serious problem.

Initiates Sleep

To initiate a good night’s sleep, taking a hot shower is a good idea. Since hot water calms down your mind and relaxes your nerves, it makes your body feel absolutely soothed and at ease. Though you need to ensure to have at least half an hour gap between the shower and bedtime so that your body gets dry completely.

Helps in Weight Loss and Keeps Diabetes in Control

According to some research, taking hot showers can help in weight loss. In fact, the statistics claim that almost 20 to 30 minutes of exposure to hot water for 6 days a week can result in the loss of about 1.5 kilograms in a month. Indeed hot showers have also been shown to control sugar and glucose levels in the blood, which is helpful for diabetes patients.


Having hot water showers has more advantages than you can actually think of. All the above mentioned points are some good reasons, but there are a lot more. Once you make taking a hot shower part of your routine, you will take pleasure in many health benefits that come along. However, you need to have a good quality geyser that gives you hot water at just right temperature as per your needs. Havells, a leading brand for electronic products, has a range of high quality water heaters that come with copious features, like temperature-sensitive LED indicators, feather touch panel, incoloy glass coated heating element, and whirlflow technology. Moreover, you get the choice of selecting from storage water heaters, instant water heaters, instantaneous gas water heaters, and even solar water heaters. So, what are you waiting for? Get one that suits your requirements and soak up in hot showers everyday!

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