Winter is Coming – Beat the Bathing Blues with Havell's Electric Water Heaters
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  • by Havells India
  • December 27, 2016
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Winter is Coming – Beat the Bathing Blues with Havells Electric Water Heaters

“The water is gone all cold, mom! I’m already late and I’ll miss the cab!”, complained Pooja’s daughter. Her son was also not happy that their 10-year-old electric water heater took so long to heat the water. Winter woes, she sighed. But then, the water heaters were way past their warranty dates, and they had already spent too much in repairing them last winter. Maybe, it was time to change.

She had to go the mall for a kitty party her best friend was hosting at their favourite restaurant, so Pooja planned to go afterwards to the department store, and ask her friend to join – after all, two heads were better than one! Party over, they were greeted by an enthusiastic salesman who took them to the water heater section.

The salesman asked Pooja whether she was looking for a specific brand, or whether she was willing to explore different makes. She replied, the latter. To his question on features, she replied with a straight face, “Should be able to heat water!” The salesman figured out that Pooja was probably using the standard-issue bulky cylindrical water heaters that were sold a decade or so ago. So, he changed his tactic to asking questions that could help him assess her exact situation, and provide better recommendations.

The salesman asked, “Where do you live, Ma’am?” Electric Water Heaters

Pooja replied, “Rose Boulevard, Phase 6, Sector 60”.

The salesman took a guess, “20th floor?”

She replied, “21st

The salesman suggested that she look at a water heater suitable for high-rise buildings, because water is pumped at high pressure to their apartments, and that water when heated expands and creates pressure in the storage tank. If this wasn’t regulated, it could be unsafe.

The salesman further explained, with the help of a diagram, that it was important to know if the heating element, anode rod and the storage tank could withstand the effects of hard water. Since Pooja’s building was supplied with hard water, there would be a tendency for tough chalky deposits to form on the heating elements.

Pooja confirmed that it was indeed a problem in her bath and kitchen wet areas, and that she tackled scaling on a weekly basis on the tiles and taps of her kitchen and washrooms. The salesman recommended that Pooja opt for a glass or enamel coating on the heating element and anode rod, as well as on the inner lining of the storage tank. And, to ensure that stainless steel is used as the main material for the parts because it is better at holding heat, and fighting against the effects of hardwater. These measures would ensure that the water heater would last longer.

At the mention of insulation, Pooja asked if she could find a geyser which could retain heat, i.e. keep water hot, long after the heating stops automatically. The salesman pointed her to the label “insulation” in the diagram on his notepad, and said that insulation was another factor to consider because it helps save and conserve energy. He also talked about PUF insulation, which makes a water heater energy-efficient and environment-friendly. PUF is the only CFC-free product, and CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) is harmful to the ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere.

As the salesman explained in greater detail about water heaters, Pooja’s decision got clearer. She came across a Havells water heater and was interested by the temperature-sensitive colour LED indicators. She thought it especially useful to have an indication of the water temperature to avoid having to hear complaints of the water going cold in the storage tank after the heater had been switched off for a while. It also came with digital temperature pre-set controls for the user’s convenience.

Pooja’s friend then told her that she’d recently bought her Havells electric water heater online, and it had been a hassle-free purchase and installation. Since the store was offering Pooja the same rate as was available online, and throwing in a free transportation to boot, she immediately paid up and filled out a delivery sheet. As she signed off on the purchase, the salesman added that the longer the warranty, the more durable the parts would be, and therefore better the life of the water heater.

‘Ha!’ Thought Pooja, ‘Let Winter Come!’ paraphrasing her favourite show, ‘no-one can complain of cold water anymore.’

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