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  • by Havells India
  • June 21, 2023
  • Air Cooler

Let the Sun Shine Hard, You Chill Harder with KACE Desert Cooler

Summers have started bang on! Now it’s up to you whether you want to crib about this sultry weather or enjoy the cool breeze using the world-class desert coolers without pinching your pocket. Yes, air-coolers are the best way to beat the heat as they are environment friendly as well as budget friendly. Let’s find out some remarkable features which make Havells Kace Desert Cooler the best bet.

Indeed, intended for bigger areas, this air cooler is made to cool a room of bigger size. You can enjoy the powerful air delivery of 3600 m³/h which is clearly supported by 5 robust plastic blades. Furthermore, the Kace boasts of Bacteria Shield Honeycomb Pad Technology which ensures 99.9 bacteria reduction during use. Its honeycomb pads and 3 side Chill Drip Technology enable better and powerful cooling.

So, Havells Kace Desert Cooler is actually a power house of efficient cooling. But this is not enough, there is more to it. This cooler is smartly designed in a way that the air flow doesn’t get hinder; its fan is placed above the height of the bed to ensure maximum air flow towards the user. Enjoy your good night’s sleep while let this cooler handle the cooling task.

Its huge water tank (available in 95 L and 75 L) makes sure that one time filling gives you long lasting cooling without the fuss of filling water time and again.

The Kace also features thermal overload protection which prevents fan motor and pump motor from overheating, thus, providing long life to the motor. And out of all, the best part is that you can run this cooler on inverter in case of power cut. Isn’t it amazing?

As and when you desire, you can change the air delivery settings from low, medium to high using the knob given on the top. It also has 360 degree rotational castors for easy movement, front castors with brakes for safety and to stop unnecessary movement. All in all, Havells Kace Desert Cooler is a great choice in this summer season to beat the heat and to enjoy faster and better cooling in a sustainable manner.

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