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  • March 6, 2019
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5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for Hostellers and Bachelors

Living away from the family is a not-so-good feeling for most of the people. However, in life, there are times when we have to make difficult choices in order to achieve something. For example, there are so many people who leave the comfort of their homes for education, jobs and due to other reasons as well. In such situations, they either have food from mess and local eateries, or stock up on instant meals, to satiate their hunger. Since most of these people don’t have time to cook food on their own, they settle for unhealthy options which are easily available. So, to avoid that junk and to arrange a healthy meal all by themselves, there are certain kitchen appliances available in the market.

Kitchen appliances are certainly not meant to be restricted to the periphery of the kitchen. In fact, their ease of use and functionality make them appropriate to use in your comfort zone without any trouble. If we talk about such appliances for hostellers or bachelors, we must check beforehand particular kitchen appliances and their usability. Jotted below are five kitchen appliances which come handy for anyone living alone!

Sandwich Maker

We all abide by this small appliance which works wonders to satiate hunger pangs even at odd hours. Yes, a sandwich maker is a practical choice to make sandwiches anytime and anywhere. All you need is bread and available veggies to make that happen. You can customize the sandwich the way you want, you can put cheese, salami, assortment of spices – oregano, herbs, black pepper, white pepper, salt and almost any edible thing to make your own innovative sandwich. In fact, you can also grill veggies, chicken or mutton chunks at an instant using a sandwich maker.


Gone are the days when gas cylinders were so critical. Since the time induction cooktops have arrived, life has become pretty easy for many people. So, if you’re living alone, you need not to worry about cooking gas connection at all. Induction cooktop is a boon for everyone, with minimal chances of mishappenings. You can use it to boil milk, make omelettes and whatever you want, without much fuss. It is absolutely safe to use and comes with pre-set options for ease of use. Moreover, its compact size requires minimal space; you can keep it on the kitchen shelf, dining table as well as corner table as the space allows.

Electric Cooker

Cooker is a multi-tasking appliance found in every kitchen. You use it for making pulses, boil vegetables, cook rice and other such tasks. Electric cookers are great for everyday use. And for people living alone, it can be a respite from stirring ladle as all you have to do is put the ingredients and leave the job to this small wonder. The newest technology also allows keeping the food warm even if you’re opening it after hours of making. So, it’s actually good for busy bees.

Hand Blender

A hand blender is a great appliance that has the ability to perform many tasks in one go. You can use it for pureeing, chopping, grinding and mixing. For bachelors with minimal stuff, it is a handy appliance through which they can relish milkshakes, smoothies and get the chopping veggies job done easily. In case you’re in a mood to try out some easy recipes, a hand blender can help you in the tasks like blending, pureeing, chopping, etc.

Electric Kettle

For bachelors, an electric kettle could be a life saver. We all know that we can use electric kettle to get hot water, which can also be utilized to make tea and coffee. However, it is not restricted to boiling water only, you can use it to boil eggs, make noodles, pasta, macaroni as well as soup. It is actually a great appliance for people living alone without much stuff.

 To Sum Up

As you’re now updated with the must-have kitchen appliances for hostellers, bachelors, and precisely, for people who’re living alone, it is equally important to get these appliances from a quality brand like that of Havells. Being an illustrious name, Havells brings in products that are made using advanced technology, together with the best materials, to offer excellent performance. It has an array of cooking, brewing and food preparation appliances which are loaded with the spirit to perform brilliantly. To know more about Havells appliances, click here.

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