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  • November 25, 2019
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Bring Havells Energia NV to your kitchen and enjoy easy cooking!

Kitchen is a place where you can find an array of jobs, be it grinding, chopping, mixing, blending, cooking, baking and of course, cleaning. You can never get over with these tasks unless you’ve decided not to use this cooking arena for ever. Jokes apart, whenever you have to make something you need to accomplish various food preparation tasks like grinding, blending and such besides the actual cooking.

To ease your chore, Havells has come up with a powerful Energia NV Mixer Grinder which does all the grinding, blending and mixing within seconds. It features a 600W powerful motor that works efficiently and enhances the durability of the machine. This mixer grinder boasts of a bigger bush which increases the life of the blade assembly. Further, the durability of the machine is intensified with the 38mm stack height of copper wound motor.

The Energia NV has three jars viz. chutney jar with a capacity of 0.4L, Multi-purpose jar of 1L and Liquidizing jar of 1.5L.You can easily grind whole spices, garlic, ginger in the chutney jar. Of course, it can be exclusively used to make chutneys as well. The multi-purpose jar can be used for grinding and mixing almost everything in large quantities. And the liquidizing jar can be used to make smoothies, shakes and drinks of various consistencies. All the jars are made of stainless steel which makes them hygienic as well as long-lasting. All the jars have air-tight lids for the best performance during the operation.

Sporting white-blue colour, Havells Energia NV is constructed using high-grade material which imparts strength along with stylish look to this mixer grinder. Its compact design is another plus which makes it convenient to place this appliance on the kitchen counter as well as in the cupboard without occupying much space. Adding this appliance to your kitchen means adding a style statement to your spice zone.

 If you’re still spending much time in the tasks of grinding and mixing, leave them for once and all to Energia NV mixer grinder. The powerful motor, sleek design and 3 jars with air-tight lids of Energia NV are good enough reasons to make this machine an inseparable part of your kitchen. Bring this mixer grinder and enjoy easy cooking experience. In case you wish to know more about this appliance, click here.

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