Easy Tips to Keep Your Office Clothes Brand New
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  • March 13, 2018
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Easy Tips to Keep Your Office Clothes Brand New

Buying clothes is fun, but maintaining them can be a big turn off. You spend so much time shopping and finding just what you wanted. However, after the second or third time of wearing, the clothes start to look as if they were a family heirloom! With proper care and extra attention, your clothes can look brand new. Here’s how.

Get Good Quality Garments

Cheap clothes are cheap for a reason. The fabric quality is poor and cannot last a lifetime. Conversely, quality clothes need not be expensive. To be precise, look out for the quality of fabric, stitching and colouring when you buy clothes. The basics like jeans, leggings, and formals that are used frequently compared to other items should be of superior quality. They will give you company much longer than a run-of-the-mill casual wears.

Avoid Frequent Repetition

As much as you want to wear your favourite piece of clothing every day, you shouldn’t. Give that poor thing a break. Let it rest. The fact remains, the more you use the clothes, more will be the wear and tear, older they look. Why not follow a rotation regime? Keep the recently washed clothes at the back of the closet and the ones washed last week in the front. This way, every cloth will be worn regularly and the newness is also maintained.

Restrict Formals to Work

Formals are for office and should be kept that way if you want that shine to stay. When you return home, change into your home clothes or other casual wear if you are heading out. Remember to hang the formals to dry out before putting them in a laundry bag. Just like you, even the formals need some time off from work!

Be Kind to your Clothes

Once washed and dried, do not dump your clothes haphazardly in a laundry bag or closet. Hang your formals in quality hangers. Avoid wired hangers at all costs as they can seriously damage your clothes. Get to know what type of hangers are suitable for which clothes type. Fold your socks loosely so as not to strain the elastic, lest they lose their shape. Similarly, sweaters should be folded, not hung, to maintain their shape. Careful folding is sure to increase the life of the clothes and make them look new for long.

Iron Gently

Ironing clothes surely makes them crease-free and look crisp and classy. But it has its downside if not done right. Different fabrics have a different heat-bearing capacity. You cannot use high temperature on silk, just like low temperature will not work on cotton. Ideally, it is wise to invest in quality iron with temperature control, like the ones made by Havells. You can use garment steamer. It is convenient to use and saves time. Not just that, it protects your clothes from exposure to overheating, which can ruin them.

Over-Washing is a Strict no

If personal hygiene is maintained, you do not have to wash your clothes after every use. Frequent washing strongly affects the fabric quality. Using a dryer can also cause discoloration in the clothes. Instead, you can choose to air dry on a rack to maintain the lifespan of your clothes. If possible, use your clothes two or three times before putting them in the machine. This will protect your clothes from the harmful detergents too.

With simple tips and tricks incorporated to your daily routine, you can make your clothes look brand new. It is not something you have to go out of your way and do. Just make some changes and take extra care when handling your clothes, so that they remain as good as new for long.

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