Food Processor - A One-Stop Solution for Food Preparation
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  • May 7, 2018
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Food Processor – A One-Stop Solution for Food Preparation

People, who spend hours in the kitchen, doing repetitive jobs of shredding, chopping, slicing, mincing, kneading and pureeing, know the effort that goes in preparing for food. And in case, you have a big family, these jobs seem to be never-ending. Even the most passionate chefs can get annoyed with the thought of cutting horde of vegetables, pureeing tomatoes, kneading dough, mincing garlic and other jobs like that. However, with a high-quality food processor, you can get over these herculean tasks with ease. Let’s see how!

What is a Food Processor?

A food processor, factually, is a heavy-duty kitchen appliance which is used to facilitate repetitive tasks in the process of food preparation. It is a perfect kitchen helper that helps to make cooking faster, easier and better. A food processor is quiet, quick and effective appliance that performs the tasks of slicing, chopping, grating, puréeing, and kneading. Whether it’s about kneading dough, turning nuts into flour, fruits into purees, or vegetables into a fine mince, you can do all this within a matter of seconds using a food processor.

How Food Processors are Useful?

Food processors are great when you need to make food in large quantities. Seeing that chopping onions, tomatoes and other vegetables take much time, food processors lend a helping hand in doing these boring yet crucial jobs of preparing for food. Moreover, the tasks like kneading dough for breads, shredding cheese, pureeing soups, blending dips and sauces, turning bread into crumbs and lot more, can be done with utmost ease via food processors.

Time Saving Appliance

A food processor is certainly a time saver, given that it can do tasks like chopping, shredding, pureeing and such others, within seconds. You don’t need to spend hours in shredding cheese or vegetables, cutting potatoes for fries, slicing carrots, or kneading separate dough for breads. Using a food processor, you can easily do all these tasks in a few pulses.

Allows You to Be Creative

No matter how ardent cook you’re, the thought of cutting and slicing vegetables leaves you with no choice but to give up on your idea of experimenting a new recipe. With food processors, you can bring out that long-wished for recipe and try your hands on the freshest ingredients. You can focus on the recipe, without worrying about the chopping, pureeing and slicing part.

Lets You Eat More Veggies

Admit it that you don’t put more veggies in the soup, all because who will cut so much carrots and beans. But thanks to food processors which come as a rescue for cutting, chopping and slicing vegetables. Now you can easily put more veggies in your soups, stews, salads, and dishes as well. This is certainly a beneficial point, as more veggies mean healthier food.

Allows You to Make Large Quantities

Yes, food processors are so efficient that they allow you to make large quantities of food without giving a second thought. So, whether you have a big family or you have to make food for a house party, you can easily chop number of onions, garlic, ginger, carrots, tomatoes and more, in seconds. Besides that, you can use it for whipping up big batches of salad dressing, salsa, mayonnaise, etc.

Enables Shredding Cheese in No Time

Grating cheese is a tough job, especially if it’s Parmesan. Food Processor helps you to shred even the hardest cheese within seconds. And that too, you can shred cheese in bulk quantities. Whether you’re making pasta, pizza, garlic bread or any other recipe that calls for cheese, be ready with your own homemade shredded cheese.

Lets You Cut Butter into Flour

Yes, the sharp blades of food processors can cut the butter with the flour before it gets warm. Thus, using a FP, you can easily make pie dough, tender scones, biscuits, butter cookies and other such recipes, which require flaky yet tender dough.

Versatile, All-Round Appliance

Again you cannot miss this fact that food processors make a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used for almost all the tasks you require in the preparation of food. Be it shredding, pureeing or slicing fruits and vegetables, blending dips and sauces, kneading dough, whisking dozens of egg yolks, or grinding nut butters, you can depend on a food processor for everything.

Summing Up

Once you have understood the usefulness of food processors, you can appreciate this time-saving kitchen appliance better. Food processors are certainly multi-functional, allowing you to do the basic tasks of whipping, blending, chopping, shredding, grinding, pureeing and more in no time. If you wish to buy one, Havells has a range of food processors – powered by the latest technology and infused with great features – to do the needful. Ease your process of food preparation with amazing food processors from Havells!

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