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  • March 13, 2019
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10 Safety Precautions When Working With Electricity

Being aware of the fact that electricity is a dynamic power source, we must always exercise some precautions when working with electricity. According to the statistics, every year, millions of electrical fires, injuries and accidents of electrocutions happen due to negligence and unsafe practices when using electricity and electrical equipments. We can definitely avoid such mishappenings by following certain ground rules regarding the safe handling of electricity. Given below are some basic guidelines to follow while working with electricity.

  1. Electricity and water don’t gel well. So, it’s sensible to steer clear of water when working with electricity. Most of the electrical accidents happen when people use electric equipments near water. Don’t touch or repair any circuit or electrical equipments when hands, feet, or body are wet, or when standing on a wet floor because it enhances the conductivity of the electric current.
  2. Poor or damaged insulation, frayed cords or broken plugs of any electrical equipment can result in accidents. Thus, it is recommended to avoid using such equipments.
  3. While working on any electrical receptacle at your home, it is advised to turn off the main switch beforehand. In fact, you can also put up a sign on the service panel to ensure that nobody turns the main switch on by mistake.
  4. Always use insulated tools and equipment with non-conductive handles, and if possible, wear non-conductive gloves, protective clothes and shoes with insulated soles while working on electrical devices.
  5. Don’t overcrowd one outlet or extension cord with too many plugs and wires. It can possibly damage the entire electrical system or even cause a fire.
  6. Electrical dangers also comprise of exposed energized parts and unguarded electrical equipment which may get energized all at once. Such equipments generally have warning signs like “Danger”. Be careful of such signs and follow the safety rules.
  7. Don’t dare to repair any energized device. Check beforehand that it is de-energized via a tester. When an electric tester comes in contact with a live or hot wire, the bulb inside the tester lights up asserting that an electrical current is flowing through the respective wire. Before embarking on any such assignment, do check all the wires, the outer metallic covering of the service panel and any other hanging wires with an electrical tester.
  8. Avoid using an aluminum or steel ladder when you are working on any electrical device at a height in your home. In case you come in contact with an electrical surge, it will pass through your entire body due to this metal touching the ground. It is always advised to use a bamboo, wooden or a fiberglass ladder in such cases.
  9. Do not store highly flammable liquids near electrical equipments. Don’t wear loose clothing while attending to or repairing such devices.
  10. Do check all your electrical switchgear once a month. Faulty wires, plugs or sockets should be changed or repaired promptly to avoid any mishappening.

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