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  • August 14, 2019
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Enhance the aesthetics of your space with Havells Aindrila Premium

We all regulate the temperature in our rooms to keep ourselves at comfort. Definitely ceiling fans do their job of rotating the air, but in such humid conditions, even ceiling fans fail to give any respite. In humid conditions, ventilation becomes very important and pedestal fans work better in providing airflow as well as aeration. When kept in front of an open window or door, a pedestal fan works fantastically well. Other than that, in areas where you cannot install any other type of fan, pedestal fans work there too. If you’re wondering that it would probably mar the appearance of your space, then forget about it because pedestal fans today are available in a choice of colors, styles, designs and features.

 Havells, being a leader in the world of electrical products, offers a wide selection of pedestal fans which are sturdy, elegant and efficient. Loaded with smart features, the pedestal fans by Havells are made using high-grade material and state-of-the-art technology to offer fantastic performance. In its range of pedestal fans, Aindrila Premium is one-of-a-kind with its unique design, square wire guard and color changing LED light in the base. With a sweep of 400 mm, this fan is good enough to create a breezy environment in a couple of minutes after operation.

 This high-tech fan is available in the classy color combination of brown black. It has a breeze & sleep mode with upto 8 hours timer for easy usage. It features a soft touch digital panel and can be controlled using a remote. Thus, you need not to move an inch from your place for controlling the fan. With a mere power consumption of 60 W, it is easy on your pocket too. Moving towards other specifications of the fan, it offers an air delivery of 65 m³/min. The Aindrila Premium provides superior corner to corner air flow for the ultimate comfort. This fan assures a qualitative performance and operates at a speed of 1350 rotations per minute. The speed itself justifies the efficient performance of the fan.

 Besides its specifications, what grabs the attention is its color changing LED lights at the base. These colorful lights look attractive and add to the elegant designing of this fan. Give a new look to your room by adding a stylish pedestal fan with stunning aesthetics. This fan supplies the correct balance of aesthetics and design to your space. If it’s about safety, the Aindrila Premium is not behind. It has a square protective grill which makes the fan safer to use and makes an ideal choice for a home with children.

 For a long-lasting performance, the Aindrila Premium is loaded with powerful motor and aerodynamically designed blades. The fan features a strong and heavy base that perfectly supports the operations. It comes with a guarantee of 2 years which means you can consider it for a long-term cooling solution. With amazing speed, best-in-class air delivery, protective grill and many other smart features, the Aindrila Premium is a smart choice for smart consumers of today. Invest smartly and reap the benefits from this cooling appliance for long!

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