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  • November 26, 2018
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Havells Premium Exhaust Fans Go Beyond Utility to Provide Aesthetic Value

Ventilation is an essential part of any enclosed living or working environment. From homes to office spaces, warehouses, factories, and other closed areas, ventilation ensures that the air remains healthy, odorless, and toxic fumes and gasses are removed from the inside and released into the atmosphere outside. Air circulation is essential to keeping the quality and vitality of the air. Having proper ventilation also stops the formation of harmful molds in the corner areas and in damp places.

You can always and easily detect high moisture in the bathroom and kitchen. This can be due to the combination of steam produced during hot showers, general high humidity of the environment outside, and as a result of overall high water content in the air along with decreasing temperature. In other words, increased level of humidity in the air is a result of higher water molecule content of air and decreasing air temperature. This is why we have less cases of molds during peak summer.

In case of the kitchen, moisture due to steaming while cooking, which is very common when we cook rice, potatoes, etc., often increases the humidity level that in turn creates the perfect breeding ground for molds and fungus to thrive and grow. So, ventilation is essential to keep a place dry and free of moisture so that harmful biological activities are contained.

Exhaust fans perform the very rudimentary but an essential role of removing these gases, odors while providing a healthy air ventilation and circulation. As a result of these domestic exhaust products, you can enjoy a fresh and healthy indoor living space. We often tend to forget about them as they can be hardly noticed because of the very low noise level they produce when they are in operation.

They fulfill very vital but utilitarian purposes that are found in almost every bathroom, kitchen, and other closed areas. Traditionally, their designs and looks were of little consequence to us, so much so that we would install them once and forget them forever. However, Havells has changed that with its exclusive Premium Exhaust Fans range.

Aesthetics and interior décor is becoming an extension of both urban and semi-urban lifestyle as the Indian economy grows and people evolve in their outlook of modern living. The looks and feel of products are becoming more important to customers, no matter how trivial their function may be. Exhaust fans can too reflect design thinking and become a piece of art in modern interiors. Havells Premium Exhaust Fans feature advanced technology for silent yet powerful operation, and exquisite designs.

The range of premium exhaust fans require the least amount of maintenance and provides absolute silent performance without disturbing your peace when in operation. They have an automatic front opening that is vital in a country like India where insects can find their way inside the room, bathroom and kitchen through the tiniest of holes and gaps. As part of easy maintenance, the fins or blades of the premium range of exhaust fans can be easily dismantled for regular cleaning in case of high pollution environment. These fans are engineered to provide high power performance without the accompanying noise with their aerodynamically superior designs and balanced blades.

Havells premium range of exhaust fans ensure that you get the full utility of any exhaust fan, which is to provide optimum air circulation and ventilation, along with super silent motor performance. They are finished in glossy and other types of finishes to allow you to make them an extension of your interior home décor. To know more about the entire range of Havells Premium Exhaust Fans, visit the Havells site or click here.

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