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  • November 3, 2018
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Indigo is the New Stealth

A stealth fighter jet is known for its silent but unmatched performance. Its sharp design and edges cut through the air effortlessly like a knife through butter. They are swift, quick, and extremely effective. Havells’ stealth fan range is designed, engineered, and inspired by stealth fighters to give unmatched air delivery without compromising on silent performance. At the same time, they offer a futuristic design appeal that is not matched by any other product in the market. The range is unique in its own way that is very purposeful along with being contemporary and fashionable.

The success of the stealth range of designer fans by Havells has made the brand come back with a new indigo colour option on this festivities. The attractive indigo colour is a perfect option for those who want performance and utility without compromising on aesthetic looks that match the interior décor of their home.

The colour Indigo, once popularized by Sir Isaac Newton for being one of the original seven colours of a rainbow, is a deep midnight blue that is very pleasing to the eyes. It is made up of a combination of violent and deep blue and displays characteristics from both of these colours. Indigo colour is often related to offering services to the humanity and seen as strength. It is a powerful colour that is also referred for dignity, integrity, and sincerity, which is why it is part of many navies and other disciplined institutions around the world.

The new indigo blue Stealth Fan by Havells has an extremely well-tested aerodynamically profiled blades that sweep through the air with minimal noise. Having a sweep size of 1250 mm, the blades feature greater degree of twist angles that enables it to drive more air per sweep. This helps you to achieve greater degree of air circulation and flow without having to run the fan at a high speed. And, when the fan doesn’t spin at a high speed, it produces very little drag, which means less noise when it is in operation. So, you get plenty of air flow without having to produce the uncomfortable hissing noise.

The stealth fan features a very strong and durable 18 pole high torque motor. When you have more torque, the fan gets to the set speed quicker and starts throwing the air almost instantly. The regular fans have weak motors that are not quick to reach its pre-set top speed. The stealth series of fans by Havells are made up of ABS body. The ABS is a thermoplastic polymer known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It has numerous benefits.

The ABS makes the stealth fan extremely durable and is totally 100% rust free. Its blades are also reinforced with ABS. This allows it to be robust, lightweight, and easy to be driven by the motor. Also, ABS does not bend with time. The traditional metal-based fans have very less amount of angled twist to push the air below. This is because the higher angle will lead to more noise when it is run at high speed. Also, the angle can reduce with time due to friction and drag created after prolonged usage. Whereas, in case of ABS blades, it is not at all malleable in nature, therefore, it gets to keep its shape the same no matter how long it is put to use.

The stealth fan is also made to be resistant to dust and marks with a special coating. So, it will collect less dust and leave no marks with time. It is easy to maintain and clean overtime. To know the full details about the Stealth range of Havells fans, please click here.

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