Professional LED Lighting Constellation 2017
  • by Havells India
  • November 20, 2017
  • Lighting

All you need to know about Constellation 2017

We, at Havells India Ltd, have been at the forefront of innovation in the lighting sector in the country with several unique offerings and successful projects to our credit. We don’t just stop with creating products, but we also believe in engaging with the top minds in the industry and our esteemed customers on a regular basis. That’s the idea behind Constellation 2017, which serves as a platform for communication with our key stakeholders including end users, consultants, architects and so on. The aim here is to capture the real pulse of the B2B market and at the same time, highlight important trends in the LED lighting sector. This, we believe, will also inspire us to develop new products and nurture creative ideas.

In the second edition of this programme, we introduced our pioneering Human Centric Lighting, the first of its kind in the country. It works in tandem with the human circadian rhythm, the body’s internal clock that determines our state of alertness and dictates our sleeping patterns. These lights are equipped to change their correlated colour temperature (CCT) depending on the body’s circadian rhythm, and this will help improve concentration and ensure the user is well-rested.

Power over Ethernet (POE) is another important technology that we launched as part of Constellation 2017. This essentially uses the power of the Internet of Things (IOT) in lighting, and this entails the use of Cat 6 wire to carry power; now this wire was earlier used only to carry data for LAN networking, but with IOT, the usage of AC wire is set to reduce, while the Cat 6 wire will carry both data and power. This path-breaking technology will go a long way towards saving energy in lighting as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). And not only that, POE can also be integrated with fire-fighting systems, HVAC and other such devices.

We also use the platform to launch some more of our signature products such as the Industrial High Bay with system efficacy of 130 lumens/watt in the industry segment. In addition, several other contemporary products are also unveiled as part of the programme.

One of our chief talking points at the platform is our unwavering focus on smart street lighting. Smart city-development is a top priority for our government, and we, at Havells, are proud to work with them to help light up our streets and help realise our government’s vision. We offer full-fledged solutions in this domain, and we have announced our partnership with stakeholders such as Tata Communications and Cisco, among others, to work on the smart city-ecosystem. In fact, we were recently awarded the Best ICT Implementer in Smart City by Union Minister for IT Law and Justice, Shri Ravishankar Prasad.

Constellation 2017 has set the stage for dialogues, participation, and a catalyst for new ideas in the industry. It’s also a great platform for us to share knowledge and showcase some of our futuristic product designs to customers and stakeholders.

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