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  • December 22, 2020
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Benefits of Human Centric Lighting for Human Well-Being

Light has always been an essential source of energy for humans. But mostly, the lights are set to one level, regardless of the time of day or night. Adding to this, we are also ruled by various electronic screens through the 24-hour period, which confuses the body clock and can negatively affect our sleep and overall health. So, comes the need of natural light that helps us align to the circadian rhythms, i.e. the 24-hour cycle of sleeping and waking up and for our dose of Vitamin D, which we get from the rays of the sun. But as we majorly stay indoors, artificial lighting dominates us and is thus equally important.

Hence, human-centric lighting, a concept that means “lighting devoted to enhancing human performance, comfort, health and wellbeing” as defined by Cit. Peter Boyce has recently gained momentum. In simple terms, it means modifying the light for the optimal needs of people by balancing visual, emotional, and biological benefits.

Thus, when doing the interior of the house or a commercial building, the role of illumination becomes exceptionally crucial. Some benefits of human-centric lighting are as below-

  • Optimizing the concentration and energy
  • Improves work performance and productivity
  • Enhances employee motivation and commitment
  • Assures inner state and alertness in the indoor environment
  • Helps in balancing biorhythm regulations for people working in the night shift
  • Boosts emotional stability and reduces the rate of depression

All the above can be derived by having the right hues and colours of lighting at the right place. For instance, soft and dim light helps drive creativity, thus, having them in the conference rooms in offices can improve results of brainstorming sessions. Similarly, brighter lights help in our mood and ability to focus, therefore, to assist speedy recovery and to shorten depression-related hospitalizations, these illuminators play a role.

For this, leading electronic companies like Havells, have a range of modern Human Centric Lighting options available- LEDs, tuneable white lights, etc., which render ideal natural light conditions that synch the human body with nature. These smart and connected lighting systems can help build a safe and healthy space. Furthermore, the energy-efficient and easy to control systems serve customers across all the sectors to achieve the right balance of lighting solutions.

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