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  • April 16, 2019
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Havells Lighting | Blending Home Design Trends and Lighting

Your home is like an open canvas to pour your heart and soul out. Picking out furniture, arranging the décor, designing separate spaces for different activities, and of course lighting the place up with that homely glow only you can choose – all of this goes into making your house into your home.

Where there is design, there are always trends. Ancient relics come back to life, and modernism fades into the background. And the next year, things turn around again. But some things never go out of style – convenience, compactness and aesthetics.

With sustainability and fuel efficiency being the need of the hour, energy-saving solutions are being introduced into every home. LED lights not only last very long, they also use just a small fraction of the energy used by incandescent and CFL lighting. The fact that LED lights can be in the form of bulbs, tubes, strips and even panels, only makes them all the more desirable as home lighting options across requirements.


Low ceilings can give your study or reading room a lovely feeling of cosiness and intimacy. A space where you wish to be alone with your thoughts and ideas merits lighting that complements this state of mind. An LED panel light fits into this equation seamlessly. Taking up minimal space, yet illuminating steadily and brightly, panel lighting is the solution to every home-owner’s needs. Though apt for low ceilings, this lighting can also stylishly adorn larger spaces and higher ceilings because of its brightness and even output. Add a taste of luxury to your space in an eco-friendly way!


Art and handicraft enthusiasts find a special kind of happiness in adding décor to their homes. Walls mounted with embellished brass and multi-hued canvases will look even more exquisite when exposed to the right lighting. A tastefully placed LED panel light can illuminate home décor and artwork in a subtle, non-interfering manner – complementing the artistry without overshadowing it. Panel lighting is glare free as well, blending beautifully with the space around and highlighting the gorgeous knick knacks to make them the centre of attention.


Today houses are smaller, more functional and reliant on amenities and fittings that are both aesthetically pleasing and operationally sound. Multipurpose lighting is the key to achieving a well-lit, tastefully decorated home. While decorative lights like pendant lamps and sconces are suitable for large homes with a variety of spaces, people are increasingly choosing to inhabit conveniently sized, easy-to-maintain houses. Panel lighting comes into play as a diverse solution. Not only does an LED panel light or an LED strip deliver high lumens, they are also a cost effective and eco-friendly option for the new trend of minimalism augmented with a touch of the extravagant. With their slim and sleek design, they fit into ceiling and wall panels, providing light in a way that adds space rather than occupying it.

Today’s home design trends aim to achieve that perfect balance between beauty and practicality. For the modern home-owner who craves space, convenience and exquisite interiors, lighting has come a long way in providing customized solutions for every requirement – large or small, simple or grand, edgy or subtle. Blend your lighting choices with your personality, and see your house come alive with the light of your voice!


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