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  • by Havells India
  • September 12, 2017
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Havells Linear LEDs Ideal for Commercial Indoor Lighting

In a commercial setup, one cannot ignore the importance of good indoor lighting. Whether it’s an office or a retail store, the quality of lighting in commercial establishments plays a role in the proper functioning of the space, indirectly impacting revenue, sales and operations in the long run. In a high-end automobile showroom, for instance, lighting helps in enhancing the customer experience, giving them an authentic first-hand look and feel of the product. In an office environment, it’s important to install good indoor lighting to ensure the comfort of employees and their productivity.

Indoor lighting needs to be free of glare and shadows, and the type of fixtures is dictated by the kind of work involved in the space. Energy conservation is a focus area when it comes to indoor lighting in commercial spaces, apart from creating a soothing work environment. The aesthetic is of prime importance when it comes to commercial indoor lighting; depending on the space, one can go in for minimalistic designs or slightly elaborate options that complement the work environment.

Havells offers a high-level of domain expertise in the commercial indoor lighting department, and is committed to designing quality lighting options that make a tangible difference to the way businesses function. Keeping aesthetics, utilitarian value, cost and conservation in mind, Havells has an exhaustive list of products guaranteed to meet your requirements and enhance your work environment manifold. That apart, the group has a highly adept team of in-house lighting designers who will be happy to guide you, so you pick the perfect lighting that’s best suited for your business.

Havells Linear LED lights are highly recommended as they combine the best of functionality, aesthetics, technology and efficiency. These lights are not merely energy efficient, but they also offer ease of maintenance, adaptability, durability, simplicity of design along with easy installation, making them great options for your intended purpose.

The Destello LED series offers a unique, clean and simple design to make sure the light is uniform throughout. The range offers excellent illumination and comfort, with a neat design. The lighting option can be easily installed and it has the benefit of glare-free symmetric light distribution, apart from highlighting the aesthetic of the space, making it ideal for rooms of all shapes and dimensions.

It takes a minimalistic design approach and provides full light-effect with reduction in luminance levels. An Eco-friendly option, this range comes with a high performance electronic driver for zero maintenance.

Wingo Led Linear Lighting

Then there’s the Wingo LED series that has near-to-transparent optical systems for ideal levels of light in work places, accentuating architectural geometries so as to seamlessly blend with the interiors. Made of high-quality extruded aluminium anodized channel for thermal management, sturdiness and corrosion resistance, these led lights come with height-adjustable suspension kit, and offers the benefit of instant light at low running temperatures.

Indoor lighting can make a perceptible difference to the success of a commercial establishment, while at the same time, improving working conditions, enhancing indoor aesthetics and end-user experience. So it’s imperative that you invest in the right kind of indoor lighting, with a little help from the experts.

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