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  • December 28, 2018
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Havells Octane LED Panels for the new age homes and lifestyle

Evolution is an integral part of the life that we live and we do not even realize it. This is not only true for the biological development of the human race or advancement in the everyday tech that we are so accustomed to, but also our lifestyle and the décor of the interior and exterior spaces. Change is the only constant in the reality we exist today. The same can be said about lighting.

We have come a long way in how we light up our environment, be it home or the mall we like to visit on weekends. The traditional incandescent bulbs were very inefficient and produced a lot of heat during operation. The amount of light in terms of lumens produced against the power consumed was not that high.

The result was dull lighting and gloomy streets and living spaces. Just about half a decade ago, the idea of experiencing bright and colorful lighting would often mean visiting New York city, Tokyo or the skyline of Hong Kong at night. In other words, the bright and beautifully lit night life (both outdoors and indoors) belonged to few of those rich cities that could afford the everlasting energy bills.

It was no longer the case with the commercial advent of LED lighting on a mass scale, which is not only highly energy efficient but lasts a lifetime in comparison to the traditional incandescent bulbs and even the CFL-based lighting. This has given a boost in the adoption and view of designer lighting fixtures as part of interior décor.

Havells is a leading manufacturer of lighting equipment in the country that manufactures some of the most innovative and sleekest lighting fixtures. Its Octane series of LED panels offer premium aesthetics along with functional design for easy mess-free installation and minimal maintenance.

These Octane LED panels come in both square and round designs and are made of slim aluminum material used for low ceiling applications, with or without fall ceiling. They output high brightness levels without the accompanying glare that end up straining the eyes. These lighting fixtures are suitable for homes, shopping malls, restaurants, hotel lobbies, waiting areas, modern gyms, spa, corporate offices, and other indoor areas.

Given the unstable voltage conditions prevailing in most parts of India, the Octane panels are designed to work under a wide voltage operation range that can withstand a swing of 140 V to 270 V without damaging the electrical or fixture. The premium texture of the aluminum construction is complimented with a white body color that provides a warm white light providing an Opal transparency effect.

The series comes with the option of a recessed mounting type and has the mounting arrangement of SS spring clip for convenient installation and quick placement of the fixture in a snap. It supports an independent driver and can support up to 24 W. The fixture can support a maximum output of up to 1680 lumens and has a maximum operating temperature range of -10 °C to 45 °C.

The Octane series of LED panels are completely safe to use at home and other indoor places as they are not made up of any mercury content and other harmful toxic elements. They have a color temperature of 3000 K and a color rendering index of greater or equal to 70.

Transform your home or workplace to meet the modern indoor standards and see them in a new light with Havells Octane LED panels. To know more about the complete range of panels with round and square designs, please visit the Havells website or click here.

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