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  • November 12, 2018
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Havells’ Smart Flexion LED Strip Lights for Modern Spaces

Modern lighting design has been embracing the use of flexible LED strip lights across the world unequivocally. A greater number of designers and architects alike give preference to and implement LED strip lights quite extensively into their commercial, residential, and industrial projects. There are number of reasons for this transition including the futuristic lighting effects that LED strips can create as if out of a sci-fi movie. However, the most important set of reasons include the high efficiency, color variations, brightness, the ease of installation, and smart features.

Making use of LED strip lights is so easy that even the homeowner can design and implement it like a lighting professional in a matter of hours with the help of a lighting kit. Moreover, the LED strips come in all shapes, lengths, and options to suit the varying needs of residential and commercial spaces.

Havells with its rich experience of producing some of the best lighting products in the country has an extensive range of smart LED strip lights enabled with USB and battery backup for various applications. The battery-operated strip can be placed anywhere and then moved to another location with ease as it doesn’t require a power source. The USB-powered strip is perfect for places like behind a TV monitor where access to USB connection is available.

The smart decorative strip lights provide a high degree of brightness with the help of an advanced RGB LED chip and the use of high density LED cluster of up to 60 of them per meter length. These strip light products are suitable for cove lighting, backlighting, and decorative lighting in residential homes, shopping malls, and other places where aesthetic lighting is needed.

The smart decorative strip lighting by Havells come as a spiral mounting strip with up to 166 types of combination effects that are already programmed and can be operated with a battery. These smart LED strips are extremely efficient when it comes to power consumption as they require very less power to produce bright light. They are perfectly safe for use as they do not produce harmful radiations like the ultra violet radiation (UV) or Infrared radiation (IR). These Flexion LED strips by Havells can also be referred as environment-friendly because they produce very less heat while in operation, they need very low voltage to operate, and more importantly, they are overall highly efficient.

Another feature of the smart LED strip light range is its instant response to power supply as it illuminates in an instant. The colors produced by Havells’ smart Flexion LED strips are of high accuracy due to the high Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating of higher than 70 for top-class color rendering. These LED strip lights also boast long operation time before they require any kind of attention. The smart Flexion range of strip lights have an extraordinary long life of over 30,000 hours of non-stop burning and meanwhile requiring absolutely no maintenance. Once installed, these strips can go on for years without needing any attention or overlook by the owner.

The housing of the Havells’ smart Flexion includes a flexi PCB with 35-micron copper content for long operation period and consistent performance. As these Flexion LED strip lights require constant power supply, an electronic driver is needed in the PC housing itself for supplying power. It is not usually bundled together with the LED strip and needs to be purchased separately.

These strips can be easily mounted on any kind of surface, be it brick walls, wooden finish or tiles. They are surface mountable with a 3M adhesive tape which is pasted to the back of the Flexion LED strip light.

The Havells’ smart Flexion LED strips is a great way to decorate and transform any kind of indoor or outdoor space without having to repair and damage existing installations. Havells with its strong back-up of service and extensive dealer network ensures that its products are always supported by the best service to its customers. To know more about the smart range of LED strip lights by Havells, click here.

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