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  • November 5, 2018
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Havells’ Trim Clip-on panels fit any ceiling and brightens any room

Lighting a ceiling whether it is a simple flat surface or a false ceiling, is probably one of the most difficult tasks without messing it up with excessive or inadequate lighting fixtures. They do not necessarily allow later modifications. The false ceilings are also a one-time affair, you integrate the lighting at the time of fabrication and installation of the false ceiling. Moreover, later alterations translate to cutting the false ceiling out and trying to match the shape of the lighting fixture.

In case of a simple ceiling then the possibility of putting ceiling lights only exists at the time of finishing it right after construction, after that, all that you are left with are battens as the only option for lighting. However, they are no match to the round, oval, square, and rectangle shaped panel lighting which offer excellent spread of light along with professional and clean aesthetics. These fixtures also offer diffused light for a soothing lighting experience in a hall, living room, or a bathroom.

Havells presents smart trim clip-on panels that can fit any ceilings including false ceilings and brightens any room. These panels feature a special moving spring loaded sliding mechanism which offers a superior versatility and easy installation in a snap. This feature makes it usable for any kind of ceiling, be it a normal one or a false ceiling. The clip-on panel feature also enables fitting of any cutout shape, size, or orientation, making it a universal product for all kinds of panel lights by Havells. These panels support variable cutout sizes as long as they have a minimum 60 mm cut out for proper fitting.

These panels enable 110 degrees wide beam angle so that the light can reach every corner of the living hall or a room. The light spreads uniformly to allow proper ambient lighting. They also boast an ultra slim design with a very thin profile measuring just 14 mm for the surface design. Installation of the trim clip-on panel is extremely simple and quick. On a normal ceiling, install the special sliding bracket and simply attach wire of the panel to the power cable, now simply push the lighting panel against the sliding bracket with a mild force from below, till you hear a clicking sound as the panel comfortably sits into its place.

To install on a false ceiling, make a simple cutout lesser in size than the panel, up to 60 mm. Now, place the bracket and slide the spring mechanism to either edges of the cutout and then secure strings on both sides by snapping them. Now, push the delight panel lighting from below till it fits into its place. For total peace of mind, a secure tether is also provided to avoid any accidental falling of the panel.

These panels also provide durable and long-lasting performance, and are made up of photo-biologically safe LEDs. They are also perfectly safe for humans as they do not emit nay Ultra Violet (UV) or Infra Red (IR) radiations. They produce very little heat as they have low running temperatures. In addition to this, they give instant light response the moment you turn them on. They are also free of harmful substances such as mercury making them environmentally friendly.

These panels are made up of polycarbonate and are easy to install or remove, and are maintenance free. They can be used in residences, offices, hotels, guest rooms, etc. to add that luxurious and professional looking ambiance. To know more about the range of trim clip-on panels by Havells, please visit the Havells website by clicking here.

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