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  • October 29, 2018
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Let Havells Xing Series Light Fixtures Jazz up Your Surrounds This Diwali

Diwali brings in the aura of festivities for everyone. Some might do the revels on a large scale while some could just afford little things, yet the notion remains the same – welcoming the Goddess Lakshmi with open arms and with the best of what you’ve. Gearing up for this festival of lights calls for immense preparations, including cleaning homes, paint work, renovations, replacing the old fixtures with new ones, purchasing clothes, jewelry, decorative stuff and gifts, and so much more.

And what get the majority of attention are decorations – lights, flowers, adornments, embellishments and everything beautiful and bright! With guests coming over to exchange gifts on the occasion, you want to create an impression and what could be better than some exclusive lighting fixtures which can certainly enhance your home décor as well as the otherwise plain walls. Seeing that the market has ample of options to choose from, you must get the one that suits your taste, exudes elegance and goes well with your budget.

Add Elegance along with Functionality with Havells Xing

Havells – the brand that is synonymous with the premium range of electrical goods – offers decorative lighting to match the festive vibes and to accentuate your space with its classiness. The Xing series amid the decorative lighting by the brand features the most stylish yet modest lighting fixtures in different shapes. The Xing Penta, Xing Round, Xing Hexa and Xing Square, which mark the Xing series of lighting, are 6W decorative, wall-mounted LED fixtures for up-down accent lighting.

If we mention about the optics, these lighting fixtures have hidden COBs which impart glare free indirect light for the maximum visual comfort. These light fixtures offer better lumens and longer lamp life, while consuming less power. Talking about the light response, the Xing series by Havells provides instant light without any glitch. With high Colour Rendering Index (CRI), these decorative lighting fixtures in different shapes have extraordinary long life of over 30,000 burning hours which also ensure zero maintenance.

Havells has always been known for its environment friendly practices, and true to its notions, the Xing series has been crafted without mercury, and generate no UV and IR radiation. With housing made of high grade aluminium die cast and ivory white matt powder coating finish, the Xing series light fixtures by Havells are absolutely awe-inspiring. Their simple yet elegant design makes them just apt for almost every space.

On a Concluding Note

When festive celebrations are just on the verge, you must make the most of it. And specially give due attention to the decorations. With Havells range of decorative lighting, you can change the entire look and feel of your space without making many alterations. The Xing series of LED lighting is available in different shapes so that you can choose the better from the best. The versatility of these light fixtures makes them perfect to install in residences, small offices, restaurants, hotel lobbies, waiting areas and other such places. So, this Diwali, bring home Xing and leave the onlookers inspired with its impression.

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