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  • by Havells India
  • January 16, 2018
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Redefining Architectural Lighting

What do the 7 wonders of the world have in common? Apart from ranking among the most spectacular monuments in the world, these iconic structures define the city they’re located in. And at night, each of these monuments acquires a certain mysterious aura, as they are gloriously lit up, making passers-by gasp in wonder. The trick here is simply clever lighting. Whether it’s a landmark artistic installation in Paris or a heritage palace in Jaipur, there’s no doubt that good lighting plays a key role in highlighting design aesthetics and architecture.

Good architecture always stands out, but how do you enhance the visual brilliance of a structure? Enter Architectural RGB lighting, a unique lighting solution that amplifies the impact of a structure manifold, through vibrant hues that turn buildings into eye-catching landmarks. Architectural RGB lighting sets the tone for how one perceives a physical space, a building in this case, on an emotional level while adding to the brilliant nocturnal skyline of the neighbourhood.

We at Havells bring our expertise and brilliance to the table to create lighting that not only puts the spotlight on the building, but does so in a way that is edgy, intelligent, and technologically advanced. Our line of Architectural RGB lighting redefines lighting brilliance by focussing on not just colourful facades but also sensitive light levels and energy efficiency. We aim to shine a light on architecture, add value to the structure, enabling it to speak to the audience and tell a story. We believe in contributing constructively to the government’s mission of lighting up our streets, and this is just one of the many ways in which we strive to make a positive difference through our innovative solutions.

When it comes to Architectural RGB lighting, we have a wide range of options tailored to meet your requirements. One of the most effective solutions is a projector, and falling under the category is Skiline Plus, a high-power colour changing LED projector that is best suited for super distance lighting. It comes equipped with intelligent logarithmic control technology that helps enrich the colour saturation with the added benefits of high heat dissipation and low weight design, high precision angle adjustment and optional sighting telescope accurate positioning for long distances.

In some cases, the architecture calls for the use of wall grazing lights that add an intriguing touch to walls and surfaces, creating a subtle effect as the light here interacts seamlessly with both the object and the environment. Lineate Rich from the Linear Wall Grazer range is a high-efficiency modern and stylish linear colour changing wall grazer designed with multiple angle lens to meet the demands of various lighting design outlooks. The light has a special structure design to ensure good heat radiation and help reduce the LED’s light wane effectively. Other advantages include waterproof function, wide-angle installation to meet environmental requirements and angle adjustment, multi-angle lens for better utilisation of light and simple wiring for easy installation and maintenance.

To light up columns, facades and features with multiple optics and an extensive colour pallet, ground burial lights work best, as they evoke an element of grandiosity. Engross Maxi, in the Ground Burial Uplighter series, comes with high quality LEDs, high strength toughened glass that can withstand up to 2500 kg; the lamp body is encased in high-pressure die-casting aluminium with corrosion resistant nylon used in the buried barrel. The design amplifies heat radiation and the light changes colour and flows, giving it a magic lighting effect.

Adding a touch of drama and mystery to waterscapes, our Underwater Light range weaves an interesting narrative by playing with ripples and reflections in a myriad hues. The Marinashine Maxi RGB is a high-power colour changing underwater the light that is best suited for highlighting monumental water features. Encased in hard chrome plated molding shaped stainless steel, an EPDM gasket and a built-in overheating sensor system that enables automatic shutdown when the temperature touches 75 degrees Celsius, these lights operate between minus 20 and 40 degrees at a depth of less than one metre.

In some cases, the architecture benefits greatly from the use of textured lighting that adds depth to the structure, engulfing it in a streaming cascade of light. Flexiline RGB from our Flexible LED Strip category does just that; these lights come with DC low voltage input for safer operation, IP67 waterproof with silicon glue to soften the light and offers easy installation and edge protection, making it a great choice for structures.

Every structure has a story to tell, and we believe in telling it more effectively through dramatic lights. Our range of Architectural RGB lights is performance-driven, mechanically superior, besides being photometrically and electrically valuable. And we don’t stop with just selling you the product; we believe in providing strong after-sales service, and we’re with you every way, right from conception to completion. With 56 service centres across the country and a 24×7 call centre in Gurgaon (that offers services in 7 regional languages), you can rest assured that our experts will handle all your concerns.

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