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  • January 29, 2019
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Get Havells 5-in-1 Multi-Styling Kit to Try New Hairstyles Everyday

Sporting the right hairstyle that compliments your outfit is essential to rock the desired look. We all know a bad hair day can ruin the entire idea of looking and feeling good. Moreover, same hairstyle every time sounds so boring. Neither we have time nor money to spend in salons on day to day basis. So, in such a situation, we all wish for a genie who can give an instant solution to our hairstyle needs in one go. Not all wishes get granted, but this one can surely be.

Havells, a brand known for high-tech electrical products, has come up with the latest range of personal grooming products for men, women and kids. Amongst the female personal grooming range, there is a 5-in-1 multi-styling kit which is actually a boon for women. As the name suggests, this hair styling product lets you do crimping, curling, straightening and brush combing your hair through its different attachments.

The 5-in-1 Multi-Styling Kit is absolutely amazing as you can easily sport different hairstyles without breaking a bank. Made using the advanced technology, each of its styling attachment has a ceramic coating for optimal heating performance, which ensures outstanding results without causing any damage to the hair. With the maximum operating temperature of 190ºC, the multi-styling kit offers the smoothest glide over your hair and a tangle-free experience.

For easy operation, the kit has a conveniently located power button. All of its attachments come with a protective heat-insulated tip to prevent any accidental contact of fingers with the heat plates. So, it is easy to operate and handle as you don’t need to worry about the fingers getting burned. The best part about this styling kit is its compatibility with worldwide voltage standard of 100-240 V, which makes it a convenient travel companion for instant styling anywhere across the globe. Lets check out what all comes with this multi-styling kit!


Yes, you can easily straighten your hair within the comfort of your home via straightening attachment of this multi-styling kit. Its ceramic coating ensures consistent distribution of heat while giving you frizz-free, smooth and shiny hair.


Crimped hair are as much loved as curled or straight hair. Through the crimping attachment, you can get the wavy hair you’ve always wished for in minutes. Once done, you can also create stylish hairstyles using bob pins.

19 mm Curler

With this 19 mm curler, you can impart beautiful curls to your hair. Then you can either leave them open or pin them to make stylish hairstyles. This curler is wide enough to accommodate any hair type and length.

Conical Curler

Whether you want to have tight ringlets or loose, you can create types of curls and waves with the help of this conical curler attachment. Moreover, it lets you add volume to your hair for a bouncy, natural look.

Brush Comb

If you want to be nothing but yourself, then go with brush combing. It is designed for all hair types and lengths. This attachment helps you to attain flawless and professional-looking hair with minimal effort.

All in all, Havells 5-in-1 Styling Kit is a great tool for all the females who want to try out new hairstyles and that too, with ease. It is absolutely easy to use and offers amazing performance. Using this, you can create stylish hairstyles without any trouble. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year guarantee for the complete peace of mind. Its ceramic coating ensures minimal damage to your hair, while offering you a trouble-free hair-styling experience.

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