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  • March 28, 2017
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Havells Water Pumps – Just What the Professor Ordered

“World War III will be about water,” Professor Banerjee announced dramatically, opening his lecture on pumps. Detailing how industries and people are polluting drinking water sources, and how, due to insufficient rainfall, rivers and lakes were drying up, water scarcity was going to be the most likely cause of any major future human conflict.

Shalini’s attention to the lecture drifted in and out, her thoughts idly wandered to how the water pump in her double-storeyed house wasn’t working. This was the third pump failure in the last two years. For the time-being they were relying on supply from water-tanks but it was expensive, and inconvenient. Since Shalini was in a joint family of seven – parents, elder brother and his wife, and her grandparents – a continuous supply of sufficient water every day was crucial to the functioning of their busy household.

Havells Monoblock PumpJust then she heard something Professor Banerjee say, “In India, people in rural and urban areas, rely on Water Pumps to deal with water scarcity. Water pumps ensure taps in households and offices are running and fields are irrigated.” He called it them “an essential workhorse of the Indian economy.” Shalini then decided to get Professor Banerjee’s expert advice on water pumps.

She approached the professor after the class, and explained her situation to him. Professor Banerjee wanted to help Shalini as she was one his bright students with the potential to be a successful engineer. So, he sat her down to discuss the matter. He asked Shalini to explain her situation and findings from her reading so far. Shalini showed him a table she had made to decide the type of water pump needed for her house:

Type of pump Use Advantages
Self-prime regenerative pumps Used to pull water from pipelines. Home, lawn sprinklers, and gardens Reliable, light, economic and simple to use

Practical for remote or prolonged operation

Centrifugal pumps Home, lawn sprinklers, gardens, draining and filling water in swimming pools Higher efficiency

Lower maintenance costs.

Submersible Pumps

(open-well and tube-well)

Used in open-wells and bore-wells as a submerged unit

Efficient and wiser choice, since they do not require any priming

Bore-well Compressor Pumps

(Monobloc, and belt driven)

Uses air pressure to draw water from deep bore wells, with specific diameters. Suitable for bore wells containing muddy water.
Pressure Booster Pumps Starts and stops automatically as per the pre-set water pressure Smooth and pressurized water supply in residential buildings
Shallow-well Pumps Rural areas Great suction power

Now, she needed Professor Banerjee’s guidance on the things she and her father needed to keep in mind while selecting and buying a water pump. The professor gave her the following tips:

  • Match the distance between source and pump, with the pump’s specification on its suction head
  • Match the height between the pump and the delivery tank, with the pump’s specifications on its delivery head
  • Check the water level in the source, and pick a pump suitable to draw water from deeper underground water table
  • Determine the size of plumbing system – number of faucets and appliances in use – to find the right-sized water pump
  • Estimate her household’s water use, and ensure that the pressure tank can hold adequate amount of water. Lesser the use of the pump, lesser is the probability of breakdown to wear and tear.
  • Look out for sediments, such as dirt, hard water minerals, small stones or other debris in the water. They can damage the pump and its assembly system, because most types of pumps are generally made for clear, cold, fresh water that is free from abrasive particles and chemically aggressive substances.

Openwell Submersible Pump

Shalini was now prepared to help her father. She had visited the Havells website during her research, and she was keen on their range of Self-Priming Monoblock Pumps and Open-Well Submersible Pumps. She had assessed the family’s requirement from the consumption pattern she had calculated, and was hoping to buy one online from Havells site before the family went to bed tonight, and lock-in years of worry-free water use for them all.

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