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  • August 4, 2021
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6 Myths of Solar-Powered Products Busted

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable source of power available, and thus, the demand for it has been continuously increasing across the globe. The usage of solar energy helps in conserving fossil fuels and thereby reduce carbon footprints. Further, today being a cheaper source of power, it helps in cutting down the energy bill.

Despite its benefits, there is skepticism around accepting it as a conventional source of energy. Therefore, we are here to break 6 myths and share the facts that will help you make an informed decision before you choose to opt for Solar energy-

  • Myth 1- Solar power system is expensive 


 This is one of the biggest misconception people have about solar-powered systems. There was a time when installing one meant enormous cost, but, over the years, the price of these units have reduced considerably. Compared to other sources like oil, gas and coal, which have become expensive with time and are less abundant, investment in solar energy systems is now economically viable.

  • Myth 2- Solar power system requires substantial maintenance 


Solar panels are robust and are being designed to perform for 25 years. The panels don’t use any dynamic parts to generate power. Hence there is no wear tear of machines which happens due to friction. This is one of the prime reason for the higher longevity of the product. The maintenance would require cleaning of panel twice or thrice a month with a certain jet pressure of water and wiping with suitable wipers. Thus, Solar powered systems are low maintenance asset.

  • Myth 3-Solar power system doesn’t work in winters or cloudy weather


Let’s get this right; the solar power system operates effectively throughout the year. In Indian tropical conditions, 1 kW of solar-powered systems generate an average of 3.5-4 Units in a calendar year. India has 300 sunny Days where you get the optimum generation through solar power though the production drops during foggy days when the sunlight is lesser. The maximum efficiency at which solar panels operate is at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees.

Myth 4- Solar power system makes reselling a home or property harder


As per studies, solar panels enhance the property value of a home. With its, umpteen benefits, solar-powered homes are preferred when renting or buying them. It also increases the valuation of the residence. Furthermore, both industrial and commercial property owners get a tax benefit from the Government if they have rooftop solar panels.

  • Myth 5- The payback is far too long


Solar power systems are a one-time investment that can last decades. The prices of these systems have reduced considerably. Further, the Government has been supporting with subsidy program for residential systems. They are also offering a depreciation benefit for industrial and commercial systems. Moreover, the payback of these systems has come down to 4-5 years. Solar-powered systems are one of the best ways to control bills or fix monthly expenses. The product is practical, economical, and reliable.

  • Myth 6- Solar panels will damage the roof


Contrary to the myth, solar panels protect and preserve the covered portion of the roof. More so, they are easily removable, which makes the area easy to clean or conduct renovations as most panels are not attached directly to the top but mounted on a railing system. The railing system is connected to the truss of the roof.

Now that some myths are busted, people should choose products powered by the sun. The environment-friendly systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions leading to drastic climate change. For countries like India, which is blessed with abundant sunshine, opt to buy from reliable companies like Havells that design and offer a wide range of products suitable to your needs.

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