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  • October 23, 2020
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6 reason to make your home Solar Ready

If a home is about togetherness and affection, then it is also about efficiency and productivity. Thus, to ensure it is in good condition, regular updates and installation are required. One such upgrade that with time is becoming vital is the adoption of solar energy to make your home solar-ready. What this means is designing or installing the building so it can facilitate solar power installation at any time.

Solar ready houses use solar panels that are mounted on the roof, which thereby connects and converts solar radiation to electrical energy. These state-of-art products from companies like Havells run all essential home appliances such as fans, lights, television, fridge, AC, etc and provide peace of mind by ensuring power back-up.

Now that the basics are right, so let’s look at the 6 benefits of making your home and even commercial spaces solar-friendly-

1.Reduce your electricity bill

A notable advantage of using products powered by solar energy is a drastic reduction in the electricity bill. This one-time investment that lasts years is especially beneficial because of the unpredictable power prices. Thus, for countries like India, which get enough sunlight throughout the year, this is one of the best ways to fix and control bills or monthly budget.

2. Low maintenance cost

Another advantage that draws people towards the use of solar energy is its low maintenance. All it requires is regular cleaning, so it gets direct and unobstructed rays of the sun. Furthermore, as these machines have few movable parts which may subject to rusting, or wearing out due to repeated use, they have less wear and tear. This makes solar panels durable and reliable purchase.

3. Increase your home value

A solar-ready home is not only beneficial in the economic terms but also reaps profits even when the owner decides to rent or even sell the property. A home with solar-powered products increases the valuation of your home and helps claim a better return because of the various advantages it offers.

4. Tax Advantages 

The tax benefit is another reason for people to promote the adoption of solar energy. The government offers tax credits to both residential or commercial installation of rooftop solar panels. Also, as per the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, anyone installing these panels or products will get 30% of the installation cost as a subsidy from the government of India (from the subsidy enlisted cities as per the Government’s plan).

5. Promotes Green Energy

Solar products are known for providing a clean and green environment, which is the need of the hour. The renewable power from the sun benefits the climate and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which is a leading factor of increasing global temperatures and climate change. Therefore, such eco-friendly products should be promoted to reduce carbon footprint and improve health.

6. Suitable for Indian climate

India is majorly a tropical country and is ideally located geographically. This advantage makes rooftop solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity an apt product for the country. Hence, saving money by installing this product should be leveraged by people across.

Solar ready houses have many other advantages apart from those mentioned above. However, to install solar panels, a few modifications are required in homes. These include completing optimizing the roof areas for solar energy generation and facing the solar panels in the south direction as it produces the most electricity as compared to East- and west-facing panels. So, in case you want to make your home energy-efficient, then companies like Havells provides solar on-grid & off-grid solutions which are mounted on the roof to convert solar radiation to electrical energy.

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