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  • September 17, 2018
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Havells believes in green energy with solar

The world is alive today and has been for billions of years. The reason for life on earth is the sun. If there was no sun then there would have been no life on earth as we know it. Our existence depends on the sun whether we understand it or not. Sun is the reason that plants photosynthesize. Sunlight is the reason that vegetation continues to exist. Sunlight is the reason that many physical and biological activities continue without us taking a note of it. Only recently, we have started to truly understand the potential that sunlight offers in the form of almost indefinite supply of energy.

Since the time we have learned to manipulate electricity, our lives have changed for the good. Now, we depend on it extensively from entertainment (TV, internet, radio) to take us places (electric transportation, etc.) and everything else. Traditionally, we have depended on burning fossil fuels to generate this electricity and we are already witnessing the impact that it has on our environment, health, and future.

In recent decades, gradually but progressively, we have started to manipulate the power of solar to generate electricity. As solar solutions get more cost-effective, advanced, and highly efficient, we are turning away from the expensive and harmful fossil-based electricity to the environment-friendly solar solutions for electric needs at home, office, and other institutions.

Havells is leading this race in India by offering a complete range of on-grid, off-grid, and portable solar solutions. The company believes in a sustainable growth that helps it to become an environment company rather than simply a profit driven one. It also considers in bringing the best technology to the masses and businesses, which is why it has collaborated with SolarEdge, a world leader in smart energy based in Israel.

In its pursuit to become the leader in the solar space, Havells offers three types of solar solutions: on-grid system, off-grid system, and solar portables.

On-grid system

Havells provides a complete residential solution with its on-grid solar solution. It allows you to utilize your empty roof to save electricity for 25 years with the help of sun energy enabling you to save big along the way. The on-grid rooftop system converts solar power into grid power. It consists of a series of solar panels that we may be quite familiar with, which are mounted on the roof and connected together to convert solar radiation into electrical energy. This energy is then fed into an inverter so that it can be converted in an alternating current (AC) that is compatible with the grid power. The system works when there is continuous supply of power.

Off-grid system

In areas that see frequent power cuts, off-grid solution is a boon. It is a system that provides electricity back-up during power cuts and saves energy. It employs a series of solar panels mounted on a rooftop which are connected together to convert solar energy into electrical. The system can provide a back-up of up to 4 hours and it can run basic home appliances like fans, TV, lights, etc. It also helps you save on electricity bills.

Solar Portables

Solar portables are basically solar-based LED lamps that can charge during the day and provide continuous light for up to 10 hours. These lamps can be used for outdoor activities at night where electricity supply may not be available or during extensive outage. These lamps are also extensively useful in remote areas where electricity is still a luxury.

Havells is one of the largest electrical and consumer durable companies in India having a wide portfolio of products including Solar Solutions for homes, industries, and institutions of all kinds. To know the entire range of its solar residential solutions click here. For Solar Industrial solutions  click here.

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