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  • by Havells India
  • December 14, 2018
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Havells Adonia R Lets You Control Water Temperature at The Touch of a Button

Bathing woe is relatable, especially in winters. Of course, you don’t want to get soaked in the driving force of the nature early morning, that too, in its genuine form. You feel like a baby who can throw all sorts of tantrums to avoid bathing at any cost. However, once you get into a hot shower which is soothing to your mind and body, you don’t feel like moving a bit. Yes, this happens with almost everyone and we all succumb to the pleasure of a hot water shower.

Seeing that the market is brimming with plenty of geysers by brands who claim to offer the best of features, it is often tricky to get a one that meets all your requirements. Moreover, besides serving the purpose of providing hot water, a water heater that features elegant looks is definitely a plus. So, how about a geyser that gives you perfectly hot water at the temperature that you want, boasts of elegant designing and can be operated through a remote control? Sounds good! Isn’t it? Yes, it does. You must be thinking, is that really possible? Then again, the answer is YES.

Havells, using the cutting edge technology, has designed a geyser that features an innovative design with full color changing LED temperature indicator which goes to Blue to Amber as the water heats to the desired temperature. This compact water heater also has a digital temperature indicator with a feather touch panel, to make your water heating experience absolutely mesmerizing.

The Adonia R is crafted using the best of technology and high quality material for efficiency, convenience and durability. Its Feroglas TM Technology with single Weld Line Design makes sure that ultra-thick super cold rolled steel plates are utilized to provide higher resistance to corrosion. Thus, the geyser’s inner tank is durable than its regular counterparts which begin to corrode earlier. Furthermore, it also makes possible for such tanks to withstand a high-pressure rating of up to 8 bars.

Besides that, the Adonia R offers amazing heating performance in presence of Incoloy Glass Coated Heating Element which provides outstanding resistance to both oxidation and carbonization at high temperature, and extends the lifespan of heating element with minimal energy loss. Its Whirlflow Technology prevents direct contact between cold and hot water flow for faster heating and optimized energy saving, resulting in up to 20% more hot water output.

Available in the capacities of 15 litres and 25 litres, the Adonia R has a multi-function valve which prevents pressure to increase beyond 8 bars – a general reason behind water heater failure and leaks in high-rise buildings and homes with pressure pump applications. Keeping safety concern in mind, the Adonia R is infused with a shock-safe plug especially designed to prevent electric shocks by cutting off the power in case of current leakage.

The Adonia R also features a feather-touch control panel that allows you to control the temperature of water between 25 °C and 75° C – making them absolutely unique from the other water heaters in the market. Its remote control feature lets you set the temperature of water without being present in front of your geyser. So, if you want to control the temperature of your geyser, you have got the tool.


With so many advanced features and first-ever color changing LED indicators, the Adonia R by Havells is an energy efficient geyser with a revolutionary design in its kitty. Its FeroglasTM Technology, Incoloy Glass Coated Heating Element, Remote Control, Feather Touch Control Panel, PUF Insulation and other such striking features make Adonia R a perfect water heater for your elegantly designed bathroom.

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