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  • by Havells India
  • January 9, 2020
  • Water Purifier

Everything you need to know about the Delite Alkaline Water Purifier!

“Good health is a true wealth” is a basic phrase that has been signifying the importance of having a healthy diet since our childhood. A diet that includes not only the fresh fruits and vegetables, but also the neat and clean water, for most of the human body is just about water. And, yet you have got the guts to consume whatever kind of water you are being served with.

Anyhow, what assures the quality of water? The purifiers, they say. Well, that’s true, but does every purifier you are looking forward to purchasing promises on providing the non-acidic, alkaline, fresh water? Not really! With this growing need of water purifiers at homes, numerous cons have made it a business to get money out of people by selling a product that does no good to the families.

So, are you okay with letting your child and your family consume nothing but acid? Of course, not; no one is! Hence, Havells does not only bring you the best quality Delite alkaline water purifier, but also assures on you knowing every single detail about the product. After all, at the end, it is about you and your family.

Havells Delite Alkaline is one of the most appreciated purifiers which while fulfilling its purpose of delivering the fresh alkaline water, adds a chic aspect into your kitchen. But let’s talk about the styling later, because when it is about the water purifier, it certainly concerns the quality of water and not the good looks.

Following which, its stainless-steel tank includes 7-stage purification that results into 100% RO and UV alkaline water with pH level ranging from 8 to 10.  Basically, you will never be drinking dirty, unhealthy water ever in your life, after getting this purifier installed. The purifier also features the UV LED lamp inside the tank that ensures on providing the purified stored water 24*7.

But, would it be wise to consider the stored water safe for drinking? Well, obviously not! Sometimes it won’t even take a day for a water to get contaminated, speaking of which, the purifier features the iProtect purification monitoring system. This sanitization system keeps track of the purity of water and cuts it off in case it turns out to be an unsafe drink.

Isn’t it seriously the best alternative for all those purifiers that lets you store the water, but won’t ever convey their doubts about the purity of water? Certainly, it is!

Anyway, do you remember yourself complaining about losing the track of time during water purification? Well, it happens with everyone. With no proper alarm or indicator, it becomes entirely impossible for a person to track the process, until now. The Delite purifier, obviously, works with some additional features including process indicator, digital clock, zero splash water dispensing and maintenance and error alert. So, from now on, you know everything.

Talking about the styling, this classy purifier, which by the way is available in sky blue and white colour, embraces a stylish push button for dispensing water. Well, apparently, Havells Delite Alkaline is a filter with both the beauty and the brains. So, go on, grab the one and serve your family the water they deserve. To know more about the specifications, click here!

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