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  • July 26, 2019
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Why drinking water is better than drinking fruit juice?

We all have heard that fruits are beneficial for our body and we should include them in our diet. However, some people prefer to have fruit juice over fruits. In fact, due to its sweet taste and often heard health benefits, many believe in gulping down glasses without thinking twice. And in reality, they are doing harm instead of reaping any benefit for their body. One glass of fruit juice is loaded with calories in the form of sugar which is quite much for our body. We all know that calories when consumed in excess result in weight gain. If you’re having one glass of juice in a day, you should not entertain any other glass of fruit juice for that day. One is more than enough!

Understand why drinking water is better than fruit juices

Any given day, water is better, in fact, the best drink to have over any other drink. Fruit juices are though healthier than other available drinks like carbonated drinks, diet sodas, flavored water, energy drinks, and so on, they can’t replace the goodness of pure and clean water. Instead of hogging on fruit juices, it is always good to have a balanced diet which consists of fresh fruits and vegetables along with adequate amount of fats, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins and vitamins. Besides the balanced diet, it is advised to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day for the proper functioning of systems in our body. According to health studies done in different countries, water is only drink that hydrates our body in the best manner and that’s why, it is absolutely essential for our survival.

Top reasons to know why drinking water is better

Water is calorie-free

Considering the fact that water is free of calories, you can drink it without worrying about gaining weight. On the other hand, fruit juice contains many calories. Fresh fruit juices are better than the bottled ones, which are generally full of sugar. Even if it’s fresh fruit juice, it is not recommended to drink more than a glass in a day.

Water hydrates the body well

Water hydrates our body in the best way. No matter what all drinks you have, nothing can beat the hydration provided by water. You cannot have fruit juices throughout the day, but you can drink water without a thought. And to prevent dehydration, it is important to drink water and keep your body well hydrated.

Water flushes out toxins

Though juice of some particular fruits is believed to flush out toxins, water is still unbeatable because you can have it as and when you want. And the best part is that you body needs it for its proper functioning. You can stay without fruit juices for months, but you cannot deprive your body from water for even few days.  Water is an effective cleanser that can flush out the accumulated toxins from the body.

Water is the real thirst-quencher

No matter what the brands of different drinks claim, water is the only real thirst quencher. It is the most natural drink which is required by all the living creatures. You can drink whatever you want for taste, but water is only drink that satisfies your thirst. You can live without other drinks, but you cannot survive without water.

Water is accessible and affordable

Water is accessible to almost all of us. It is easy to afford water than any other drink. All the juices and other drinks available in the market come with a hefty price tag. If you take a closer look, water is the most affordable of all. So, you can have it without worrying about the price.

Water doesn’t require any preparation

When you choose to have fresh fruit juice, you need to spare out time to make the desired concoction. It requires time as well as efforts on your part. But when you choose to drink water, all you need to do is to turn on the tap of your water purifier and enjoy sipping the world’s best drink. It could be the easiest task for anyone.

To Conclude

Fruit juices are good to a certain extent as they provide your body with essential nutrients. But experts recommend only a glass of fruit juice to be consumed in a day. Otherwise, it can make you fat and disturb the nutrient levels in the body. On the healthier note, water cannot be replaced by any other drink. Your body needs water for carrying out different day-to-day functions, without which it would succumb. When you consume water, it is also important to drink pure and clean water to stay hale and hearty. Havells has the best range of Alkaline Water Purifiers and RO & UV Water Purifiers with the technology of added minerals so that you get 100% purified water. To know about the range, click !

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