How Air-Coolers Are Beneficial
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  • by Havells India
  • May 1, 2018
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How Air-Coolers Are Beneficial?

If studies are to be believed, the last decade actually had been 6.5°F warmer than the previous years. For sure, air-conditioners have replaced the air-coolers to beat the summer blues in many areas. Yet there are innumerable people who still pursue the evaporative cooling appliance without any hitch. Air-coolers, undoubtedly, perform better in the areas influenced by hot and dry climate. And of course, using air-coolers has its own set of advantages too. Besides reducing the electricity bills, air-coolers bring in several environmental gains which are hard to overlook. Given below are some points which affirm the advantageousness of air-coolers.

Eco-friendly – If you believe in the concept of “Go Green”, then air-coolers certainly offer the best approach to get cool air. As we all know, air-conditioners use CFCs as refrigerant which are harmful for the environment. Air-coolers are actually better as they use plain water as refrigerant, and their mechanism of evaporative cooling is absolutely natural. Moreover, air-coolers utilize 80 to 90% less electricity as compared to air-conditioners. So, in a way, they are helping in energy conservation too.

Minimal Capital Cost and Operating Cost – Air-coolers are way cheaper than air-conditioners, in terms of both capital and operational costs. Be it the cost of product or the cost of installation, air-coolers definitely have an upper hand seeing that even the overall cost is nominal as compared to air-conditioners. Besides the capital cost, air-coolers call for 80% less operational cost than air-conditioners. If we talk specifically about the power consumption, a 1.5-ton AC would consume about 1.2-1.5 units in an hour, while an air-cooler would consume just 0.2-0.3 units in an hour.

Easy to Maintain – Air-coolers are easy to maintain, owing to their simple design. Generally, the water pump and the fan motor are the two major parts which might breakdown and require replacement in an air-cooler. Both these parts are easily available and replaceable. Neither of these parts is costly nor complicated; you can easily fix and maintain them yourself. Apart from these parts, at times, you need to change the cooling pads which are also easily available and replaceable. Thus, air-coolers are actually easy to maintain, and their maintenance can be done within a short span of time.

Cleaner, Healthier and Breathable Air – As we all know, fresh air leads to a healthier lifestyle and fewer respiratory problems. One of the major benefits of an evaporative cooler is cleaner and fresher air. Unlike the air-conditioners which circulate the same dry air in the room, the air-coolers utilize the process of evaporative cooling which means they exchange the inside stale air with the outside fresh air. Infused with Breatheezee Technology, Havells air-coolers feature dust filters and anti-bacterial honeycomb pads that help in removing dust particles and cleansing air thoroughly, thus, resulting in cleaner, healthier and breathable air.

On a Concluding Note

If you dwell in a hot and dry place, an air-cooler makes the best cooling appliance. Air-coolers are definitely eco-friendly and affordable, considering their long-lasting performance. It will not only help in cutting down the electricity bills, but also in improving the air quality of your space. As long as you have invested in a quality air-cooler like that of Havells, you can enjoy cooler, cleaner, healthier, and breathable air. Given its due maintenance, you can undeniably reap the benefits for long.

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