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  • August 7, 2019
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Cook in Style with Colorful Electric Cookers by Havells

Electric cookers can be a great addition to any kitchen. They not only cook the dishes to perfection, but also ease your job of cooking. In fact, these cookers are so easy to use that even an amateur can cook food quite perfectly. Owing to the convenience they provide, many people prefer to have them in their kitchens. And not just kitchens, the electric cooker can be used as a serve ware in the dining room too. Smart kitchens deserve smart appliances just like Riso Plus which can add colour to your space, besides cooking your favorite dishes.

 The Riso Plus is a colorful cooker which comes in different capacities of 1.8 liter (single bowl), 1.8 liter (2 bowl) and 2.8 liter (2 bowl), topped with dazzling colors. Yeah, it comes in bright colors that can uplift the interiors of your kitchen without doing much. In fact, if you keep it in your dining area to serve directly, it’s going to fetch you compliments from the guests. Its stylish, sleek and compact design is definitely a scene-stealer and doesn’t require much space of your work station. It is absolutely portable, which means you can keep it anywhere as and when required.

 If you’re looking for a durable cooker, the Riso Plus can be the right choice. Its sturdy body is made out of high-grade stainless steel with additional 1 mm thicker inner bowl which ensure even cooking of rice. The cooker comes with a 304 grade stainless steel lid for better hygiene and longevity. It features a water level indicator which allows the users to view the water-to-rice ratio and be assured that the rice would be cooked to perfection. Its keep warm function keeps the rice warm and fluffy for longer duration.

Another feature that makes Riso Plus a smart choice is its cool touch handle which gives you ease of handling the cooker even when the food inside is burning hot. It comes with a trivet tray, a measuring cup and a spatula to assist you in cooking. To keep you safe and secure, the Riso Plus has all the necessary safety features like magnetic thermo limiter, thermostat and thermofuse. Thus, the electric cooker has all the required utility and safety features for the ultimate performance. The Riso Plus is one of a kind cooking appliance in the market.

Coming from a prominent brand like Havells, you can be assured about its quality and performance. The Riso Plus is made using high-grade material utilizing the latest technology, while abiding by all the safety standards, for the best performance. So, without any further delay, bring home the Riso Plus as per the capacity you require and enjoy lip-smacking dishes anytime and anywhere. And, add a zing in your mundane space with its bright colours. Click here if you wish to know more about the range of Havells electric cookers.

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