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  • October 15, 2019
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Enjoy seamless ironing experience with Havells I-Tech Steam Iron

None of us wants to sit along with a pile of clothes, to be ironed, even in a dream. And, if it actually happens in a reality, you end up cribbing about setting up temperature for different fabrics or filling up water again and again. You often wish if this job of ironing could be made easy or minimized. Havells, a prominent brand for electrical goods, understood this problem and uncovered a steam iron named I-Tech Automatic which is skillfully designed to ease your ironing worries.

This 2200 W steam iron is extremely powerful, loaded with an array of useful features. The first feature that sets it apart from other steam irons available in the market is its programmed temperature technology which eliminates the need of having a temperature selecting knob. So, now no more selecting of right temperature, bring out different types of fabrics all at once, and start ironing as this iron will auto detect the type of fabric and change the temperature accordingly.

Havells I-Tech Automatic boasts of a high steaming rate of 35 g/min which ensures quick removal of wrinkles from clothes. It features a ceramic coated soleplate with 461 steam vents for a greater steam output, resulting in better ironing results. As per the requirement, you can use its spray and steam function along with variables of powerful burst and vertical steam to eliminate tough creases from different angles of clothes. Its powerful steam makes sure that you don’t have to iron over the same area several times.

Along with a tank capacity of 380 ml, this automatic iron gives you freedom from refilling the tank again and again. Moreover, it is equipped with anti-drip feature which ensures drop free ironing. We often see whenever there is a steam burst from the iron you also get drops of water on the cloth which is irksome as well as leaves water marks on the clothes. So, this actually seems to be a nice feature for all the people who know the pain of water marks on their outfit.

The I-Tech Automatic comes with self cleaning function for hassle free cleaning and anti scale feature to avoid scaling. So, it’s a win-win situation in every aspect. Available in the cool hue of blue, the steam iron features an auto shut off which automatically shuts off the iron if it’s unmoved for 30 seconds in horizontal position and 8 minutes in vertical position. Thus, it also has the required safety measure. And if you’re a person who finds cord a problem while ironing, this iron is a delight with a flexible 360 degree swivel cord guard to ease your fight with the cord.

In the company of user-friendly features, Havells I-Tech Automatic Steam Iron is a blessing in disguise for everyone who knows the toil that goes behind a stack of freshly ironed clothes. This powerful steam iron is too good to run out each and every crease from your clothes while changing its temperature automatically as per the type of fabric. So, bring this fantastic companion that lets you do ironing quickly, while you spend some extra time in pampering yourself.

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