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  • October 26, 2018
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Gear Up with Flame Retardant Wires for the Big Festival

Diwali – the festival of lights – calls for so many preparations. After all, annually, this is the time when everyone is busy cleaning, renovating and decorating their homes. It also marks the time when we clear the old, damaged stuff or clutter, and replace it with new requisites. During this cleaning process, one should also take into consideration the wires which work day and night without getting noticed. We often overlook this important element on which our whole electrical system works.

When talking about electrical wires, we hardly bother about what type of wires should be used and what all factors should be considered while buying them. Of course, we generally buy what the shopkeeper suggests. But being a responsible consumer, one must understand that the shopkeeper would suggest the one which brings him better profits. And you need to be cautious regards what you’re buying and how it will affect your loved ones, electrical equipments and overall structure.

Havells LifeLine S3 Flame Retardant Cables

As a rule of thumb, electrical wires should be flexible, safe, flame retardant and reliable; they should have high insulation resistance, low leakage current and would be great if they are eco-friendly too. Havells – a prominent name in the industry of wires, and one of the largest manufacturers of energy efficient wires and flexible cables in India – offers an innovative range of flexible cables called ‘LifeLine’ that has been especially developed for use in applications where enhanced flexibility is required. These flame retardant cables feature S3 protection which ensures high safety while using electrical equipments.

Havells’ LifeLine S3 FR Cables feature good insulation and flame retardant (FR) properties for optimum electrical and mechanical performance at higher temperatures. Whether it’s your home, office or industry, these flexible cables offer the just right mechanism for any electrical set up due to their reliability and energy efficiency. Moreover, being eco-friendly, the LifeLine S3 Flame Retardant Cables safeguard the environment from harmful substances, such as, lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium. Seeing that in most of the cases of fire, people die due to asphyxiation and inhaling toxic fumes which release when the wires get burnt. But with Havells wires, you need not worry because they don’t emit harmful gases on burning.

Havells Flame Retardant LifeLine Cables with S3 Protection, made in accordance with the international standards, feature higher insulation resistance which minimizes the chances of current leakage and makes it safer for people around. These energy-efficient wires are ROHS compliant, anti termite & anti rodent. Moreover, they are made using ETP grade annealed copper which is more than 99.95% pure and thus, ensures 101% conductivity. Available in color options of Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Green, Lifeline S3 FR Cable is offered in the packaging of 100-m.

To Conclude

In order to enjoy the festivities, you must be prepared with the best of safety, reliability and strength just like Havells wires – wires that don’t catch fire. So, if you’re constructing your dream home or office, or making renovations in your existing premises, make sure to install high quality wires which are flame retardant and ensure enhanced protection. Havells Life Line S3 FR Cables feature high insulation resistance along with low leakage current limit, making it safer to use for people, easy on electrical appliances, entire electrical set-up and buildings. To know more about the range of flexible cables by Havells, click here.

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