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  • October 17, 2018
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Install Wires that don’t Catch Fire this Durga Puja

Durga Puja is the biggest celebration for the people of Kolkata who celebrate the Hindu Mother (or Maa) Goddess Durga in her warrior avatar for her victorious conquer of the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura.

Although the festival of Durga Puja is more prominent amongst Bengali people but it is not easy to miss huge gatherings at these elaborate Pandals organized all around the country in key cities during the festival. The celebration of Maa Durga takes place during the last 5 days of Navratri and Dusshera. The festival concludes with a grand ceremony of immersing the idols a day after Navratri.

Maa Durga is one of the most well-recognized and revered warrior deities who is remembered for her voracious disposition of combating demons and evil forces that are against peace, dharma, and goodness.

She is portrayed as a fearsome form of a woman, someone who protects her people from all the evils of the world and will not hesitate from unleashing her wrath over other with violence unseen and unheard of. She is the symbol of power, strength, and a force to reckon with. Someone who protects you from harm and evils of the world.

Wires from the house of Havells is somewhat akin to Maa Durga in terms of what they offer other than carrying electricity to your electrical equipment, appliances, and light up your home. Often hidden away from the daily sight of people, wires are a one-time investment that we install while building a house or during renovation.

They run throughout our house inside the walls and ceilings doing their job day in and day out. We do know realize their importance since they are not visible to us. Wires not only carry electricity but they also supposed to protect us from incidents involving electricity.

Havells wires feature many technical features that make them very resistant to heat, high operating temperature, and flame. When we have an electric short-circuit due to a faulty appliance or two live wires touching each other, the temperature of the conductor carrying electricity rises sharply due to heavy load of the electricity. In such a situation if the wire does not have a high load capacity, it would instantly burn to the point that it will be too late to douse the fire.

Havells wires are also made with non-toxic compounds and do not release harmful gases in case of a fire. One of the top reasons why people die in a house fire is not due to the burn but due to asphyxiation and inhaling toxic fumes.

Wires that cannot withstand high peak load tend to cause short-circuits as the insulation coating melts away under load, which can also lead to electrocution when a human comes in contact. Havells wires provide superior load bearing capabilities and insulation in such scenarios. Besides providing excellent electrical properties, they also offer good mechanical properties, which translates to years and years of performance without breaking down due to normal wear and tear.

Electrical wires may not come across as a significant object in the home or office we live in but they do have an important role to play over the duration of their lifecycle or in case of an emergency like fire. Similar to the mythological symbolism of what Maa Durga stands for, Havells wires that don’t catch fire stand for your protection day in and day out, and in the time of crisis when their effective role and performance matter the most. So, you stay protected.

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